Lucas van Scheppingen has never been one to shy away from the unexpected. Between his chart-worthy assets and a successive reign of genre-defining club anthems alongside the likes of Steve Angello, Sander Van Doorn and Lil Jon, his quirky approach to the genre has earned him merits across the globe.

But one year in the waiting, Laidback Luke joins the self-professed dirty talker turned pop/dance visionary Wynter Gordon, who not so long ago could be found writing songs for JLO and Mary J Blige, to make a sizeable dent in the realms of the Urban crossover. Still brandishing the same abrupt pitch-puzzled leads and robust sampling we associate with the Dutch master, a truly divine line from the leading lady Gordon marks an intrinsically well-orientated outing on the back of her popular release alongside Steve Aoki. From the outset of ‘Speak Up’s delicate melodic builds and its deeply euphoric synth charges, there is an element of the familiar that may not ring to every distinguished House aficionados tastes. But in an age where Simon Cowell desires to subject DJs to the reality TV treatment, this formative offering remains a positive nod to those still making formative marks on the industry.

‘Speak Up’ is released March 12th via Mixmash Records.

Laidback Luke feat. Wynter Gordon – Speak Up

Words by Dan Carter

12 Comments to “Preview: Laidback Luke feat. Wynter Gordon – Speak Up [Mixmash]”

  • oj vad melodin var lik turbulence

  • Tyvärr riktigt usel

  • This track is a Bomb! Laidback Luke is my Favourite DJ Producer ! :)

  • Wynter Gordon and this beat aint new – look at this track from six months ago:

  • @Harald S

    This is just mashup between ‘Dirty Talk’ and the Instrumental Mix of this one here.

    Vocals here are simply amazing, but somehow I don’t like the drop, it doesn’t really fit together in my opinion. I hope, he’s doing something like ‘Timebomb’ again, that was awesome.

  • FINALLY! :)

  • What’s up with the mastering of the break. Sounds like shit tbh.
    I hope the final release won’t sound like this.

  • A different drop would be amazing.

  • Finally! Unreal build up

  • ahhhh Luke…I don’t like his big dirty dutch work…..I think his best songs are where he gets more progressive e.g

    Step By Step
    Till Tonight
    Natural Disaster

  • My favourite LBL track is the track that first got me listening to him.
    Tom De Neef – Sweat (Laidback Luke Remix). It is, four years later, my favourite LBL track…

  • isnt this a very old track?

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