Tipped as our breakthrough act of 2012 and bragged to be an essential asset to Size Records by Steve Angello in a recent interview for MTV, you could forgive Alexander Lager and Johannes Gustafsson for being a little flustered as they ascent into the New Year. Appearing out of the mist courtesy of a chance demo sent to the Mafioso man himself, the instrumental neophytes have found themselves at the outset of what may prove to be a make-or-break year for this aptly talented force in Swedish House music.

But a troll is one hell of a hostile creature and naturally, any track donning such a name would automatically be expected to follow suit. Luckily, Qulinez deliver an apt fusing of Electro House riffage for the big room crowd that places them soundly at the apex of their new-school roots. With grinding force and impeccably invested melodic twists, their debut outing for Angello’s almighty imprint marks not only a good signing for the young Swede’s, but an intrinsically powerful asset to Size Records and their undeniable eye for fresh meat.

Update (27/7): ‘Troll’ was just re-released at Beatport through Ultra Records with vocals from Kaskade’s ‘Stars Align’.

Kaskade vs. Qulinez – Stars Troll [Ultra] – Beatport Link

Qulinez – Troll [Size Records] – Beatport Link

Qulinez – Troll

Words by Dan Carter

48 Comments to “Release: Qulinez – Troll [Size]”

  • feeeeeeet


  • fucking well produced,awesome job by qulinez duo,i can’t wait to hear some more fresh things from them…SIZE MATTERS !!!

  • So happy right now, using this tonight ;=)

  • Same here khev, will wreak havoc!

  • Incredibly fat

  • Läskigt jävla fet

  • sjukt mycket bra som kommer i februari!

  • och sen quasar påpåpå måndag!!!

  • INCREDIBLE… fucking BAD-ass! just sat in the tram and listened to it and farted and didnt care a shit cuz this track was pumpin’ so baaad!

  • Dopeee. dirty and ffilfhy House. Like a follow up to pacha on acid!!


  • stolt över o vara svensk!


  • overrated, drop is shit

  • bra skit! men kan tänka mig att de blir en del press inför nästa släpp eftersom detta blev så hypat!

  • Okej, så Kaskade bestämde sig för att släppa en bootleg på Beatport genom en av världens största indie-bolag? chill

  • fuckin’ great! :OOO

  • [...] throughout 2012, this American pit stop coincides with the release of Raddon’s next single ‘Stars Troll’ alongside Swedish newcomers Qulinez. Despite competing against the hysteria of Belgium’s [...]

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