With the master of Swedish Dance music Eric Prydz firmly singing his praises, Stockholm survivior turned new school opportunist Jeremy Olander has had many a reason to celebrate over the years. Manoeuvring his sights to that of Prydz’s own Pryda Friends for three astounding outings and landing a further offering for Dirty South’s Phazing imprint, his inclusion alongside Prydz at last years momentous live extravaganza Epic Marked a considerable boasting point for the young producer with a knack for rolling with the elite.

Let loose on Swedish peer Adrian Lux’s return to the forefront of his craft with ‘Fire’, Olander’s immediate charm and studio diligence do not fall short for his latest remix endeavour. Taking a spirited approach to the original’s firm Progressive backbone, a waterfall of colourful synth play and hauntingly vivid elements of Lune’s divine vocal accolades make for this distinct yet desirable revisit to the more commercial side of the pond to that where we would usually find Olander. But ripe with those Pryda-esque moments and boasting an air of breathtaking atmospherics somewhat lost within the modern crowd of Europe’s elite, the young Swede repays his dues to the support of Eric Prydz with an affirmative nod of no-nonsense club fuel that teases more melodic lusts of Electronic Dance Music.

The remixes of ‘Fire’ are out February 21st via Ultra Records.

Adrian Lux feat. Lune – Fire (Jeremy Olander Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

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  • the best remix. and better than the original:)

  • I love what he did with Lune’s vocals. Good job

  • Original is way better :)

  • i already have this…

  • This is so good… no words… simply amazing!

    Much better than the original. Lune’s vocal really fits Olander’s style!

  • Really, REALLY good mix!

  • SHIT vad bra han är!! talang!

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