Masters of the new classic turned fashionable Electronic outlet Kitsuné have mustered some incredibly assorted talents amongst their ever-expanding roster. As one their most versatile assets to date, eclectic French duo BeatauCue prepare to join the ranks of the imprint’s infamously eclectic array of talents for the second instalment of their Parisien compilation – an ongoing testament to the cities deep romancing of persuasive club worthy offerings. Boasting all the characteristics of a modern French masterpiece, their reign as a neophyte stronghold in European Dance music is embellished with this frisky yet smoothly ornamented homecoming of harmonically superior Electronic stylings. In a world where Europe’s reign can often be associated with untimely stereotypes, there is something organically artistic in Alexis Bruaert and Médéric Martin’s definitive nod to the new school French onslaught to which Kitsune are comfortably leading.

BeatauCue – Kiho [Kitsuné] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

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  • I reckon this will be played a lot during the summer of 2012, exceptional tune!

  • niiice tune! gonna smash this one a lot this summer!

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