With mixed enthusiasm and a lot of speculation surrounding a controversial fusion of two allegedly opposite musical forces, the R&B/House crossover has continued to turn heads in a mixture of delight and disgust across the globe. Already firm contributors to this regenerative process of chart monotony, David Guetta and Nicky Romero have proven competent in making positive noise out of the often predictable and mundane realms of popular music, and further so as they, with the release of their latest sugary chart-monger ‘Wild One Two’, launch their collective outfit called Jack Back.

Leading with the unalloyed vocal stylings of Sia, Romero and Guetta build an emotive canvas of delicate keys and rising leads before launching into a hard-hitting offering of growling riffs and chugging Electro-tinged House music. The result is a track that not only illustrates the popular movement’s sturdier assets, but celebrates the fact that somewhere along the line, the union of urban influences and bonafide Electronic artists has proven integrally satisfying on both the club floor and the airwaves. Say what you will about the urban face of radio-friendly Electronic Dance music, but with the potential for outings of this calibre, there are far worse things happening in Dance music than this outstanding offering from two of the industry’s leading European House forces.

Jack Back feat. David Guetta, Nicky Romero & Sia – Wild One Two [Big Beat Records] – Beatport Link

Jack Back feat. David Guetta, Nicky Romero & Sia – Wild One Two

Words by Dan Carter

14 Comments to “Release: Jack Back feat. David Guetta, Nicky Romero & Sia – Wild One Two”

  • Finally!

  • Great article guys !!! ;)

  • got a hunch Afrojack could have something to do with this JackBack thing, that bass sounds familiar …

  • Fyfan va tråkig låt, hur överskattat som helst. Hade någon mindre känd producent gjort den låten hade alla pissat på hur han/hon härmat Avicii eller Alesso..

  • Mellow by Nause was released today.



  • Ritchie: Saw that, will be putting it out tomorrow along with the music video. :)

  • What’s the difference between this and the Flo Rida version?

  • This is a very, very strange situation. This is a slightly more house-y version of the current Flo-Rida hit “Wild Ones”. The chorus is identical and the chord progression similar, the only difference is the breakdown. On the Wikipedia page (not always reliable source, I know), it says the Flo-Rida version was produced by AXWELL and some unknown French producers. There is something seriously strange afoot here… I hate how all these shady dealing always go on, with no explanation ever offered until the truth comes out (eg. Avicii vs. Leona Lewis). I guess we will have to wait and see, unless one of my fellow house-heads knows more…

  • Never thought i’d say this, but the “original” version is much better.

  • Oh, Nicky just answered me on twitter, so according to him Jack Back “its just a project name for david and me..”.

  • @Fille, no its not. Everything with Flo Rida is shit. However this should be Flo Rida ft Sia – Wild ones (Guetta and Romero remix) because its clearly a remix and not a completely new track.

  • Låter som en misslyckad aviciimelodi.

  • I find the track a bit dry, it lacks an outstanding bassline

  • Lacking the usual Jack Beats funk and filth, too soft? No more colabos for you JB.

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