Following up his 2011 debut to Hardwell’s revealed imprint ‘Lump’ as Jordy Lishious, the recently reformed moniker of rising Dutch contender Jordy Dazz returns for round two with ‘Bad Rule’. Having taken the time to change his name since his first outing for the impassioned imprint that found him widespread appraisal from the likes of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Avicii and Sebastian Ingrosso, Jordy’s sound remains as current and pleasantly unsurprising as that of maintained under his Lishious’ moniker. With rich lead work at the ready and a driving backbone of solid drums and tense rises, his homecoming to a label that has proven an intrinsically comfortable grounds for his unpretentious Progressive House tendencies is sure to be a sweet one to those wishing to escape the all too familiar Dutch House sound.

‘Bad Rule’ is out February 27th via Revealed Recordings.

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Words by Dan Carter

6 Comments to “Preview: Jordy Dazz – Bad Rule [Revealed]”

  • like lump way more but this is a good track, kinda the same style

  • i love beatmyday, but dan carter: chill out. this is not a creative writing competition.


    beatmyday-ers everywhere.

  • @Chris, so you’d rather read bad texts instead of good ones? That’s some illogical shit… Dan Carter, keep it up, your texts rock!

  • I can understand Chris. There’s no doubt it is a brilliant text from Dan Carter, but also in my eyes it is too interlaced. As you might can see the passage above has only three sentences, but it has a length of 8 lines. I think for some of us it might be complicated to read it, because there is no period and sometimes I got this feeling a sentence never seems to end. And if you finished a sentence you have forgotten the first part of it. In my country there is a good saying (looked for a good translation on the internet): Brevity is the soul of wit. ;)

    About the track preview: Really nice to hear, Hardwell always sign great producer in a similar style. For some it might be boring, but in my opinion it has some kind of strength and constancy on a really high level to release such great tracks regularly.

  • To Kevski, you make some good points. But that saying doesn’t even come close to fitting everything though. Wisdom can’t be measured by the length of speeches/sentences, but by the content.

    I also believe some may find these complex texts a hard to read, but why worsen the texts just so those with worse English knowledge will find it easier to understand? You improve your English by reading more complex texts, so those finding this hard to read will most likely learn a thing or two about the English language while reading. Better to keep it first-rate and interesting rather than simple and boring.

    Great work, Dan!

  • Regarding Dan’s writing style (and the BMD writing style as a whole): It’s complicated, sure. You might call it pretentious, just wanting to sound fashionable. But I don’t know, when I find the track interesting to read about, it doesn’t bother me that it’s written in such a style. If I don’t really care for a track, I just skim through the text, or not read it at all.
    Also, because Dan is a journalist (thought you mentioned something like that in introducing yourself?), I think this is just his verbal playground. The alliteration in the Allesso – Years-piece ”seminal Size sovereign Steve Angello ” made me chuckle.

    Also – why the hell did Jordy change his name.. I always thought Jordy Lishious (you’re delicious) was brilliant…

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