Those who thought that we had seen it all as far as the illustrious Swedish House revolution was concerned were sure to have been stunned silent by the vivacious antics of Alessandro Lindblad, professionally known as Alesso. Outside of being mistaken for the son of renowned Swede mafia man and Refune head honcho Sebastian Ingrosso, his breakthrough anthem alongside the reputable tune monger ‘Calling’ and a further vocal instalment marked an instant hit for the aspiring artist while proving the essential injection that European Dance music was gagging for. Maintaining a ridged musical agenda and executing it with commendable dignity, the hype surrounding forthcoming collaboration alongside Ingrosso and seminal Size sovereign Steve Angello ‘Eclipse (Why Am I Doing This)‘ points to yet more tectonically tuned Progressive House mastery from the young Alesso.

Adding to his already boisterous discography, latest solo romp ‘Years’ is set for an exclusive premiere this Friday on the Swedish House Mafia’s Essential Selection take-over. Picking up on Alesso’s direct skills for crafting melodic club moments, its stern lead play marks the perfect tranisition from his previously harder-laced outings. Not so much of an outright club banger but an expertly tailored piece of modern Dance music, ‘Years’ proves itself an apt title for the ever-expanding legacy of this newschool master of the European House movement.

Words by Dan Carter

64 Comments to “Live Preview: Alesso – Years”

  • Tråkig! Känns inte som att den är klar heller. Som att något fattas…

  • älskar melodin

  • lame popsong

  • Nothing special imo..

  • Börjar jävligt trött på det där ljudet

  • Repetitive.

  • Trött?

  • I love :) :)

  • Is it just me or does the crowd look terrrrible

  • Boring. Sounds like all the other tracks these days

  • Nej tack.. va fan alesso.. gillar ej


  • L4me

  • Average track, I like his other ID better I don’t remember if it’s confirmed that the track is made by him or not..

  • Härlig :)

  • This ( is the only ID which makes him able to grow more. He looses the fame he got from his good productions more and more, quality and not Glitch Retrigger Quantity.

  • Boooring. Good thing he smashed it with Ingrosso and Angello. Still waiting for the river flows in you remix.

  • Oh, must have missed that one..

  • this is so much better!


  • Purtnit: It was only released in Germany.

  • so boring and so common

  • haha wow d här alesso stuket börjar verkligen bli uttjatat

  • beautiful!

  • this gives me goosebumps. love it!

  • How can this one give goosebumps? Since Calling all the same.

  • this is a great track, people complaining that it sounds too much alesso are obviously retarded, its his sound, ofcourse he’s going to release tracks that people will recognise as HIS sound


    I dont think it is an alesso track… looks like Ingrosso… maybe a colab with alesso…

  • I don’t have to like every track he puts out just because he is now famous.
    Dynamite EP was just incredible and compared to this, it is a masterpiece.

    Nearly all productions these days lack of innovation and creativity.
    Otto Knows did a great job, he experimented with vocal samples and a hell of a tune came out.

  • * I mean all the “mainstream” oriented productions (even though I hate this word)

  • @manu, you can say otto knows’ new tune is uncreative aswell since that vocal thing has been a trademark of johan wedel for quite some time now…

    I’d have to agree with the saying of Alesso – Less Is More! Simple track with a great melody.

    evigheten +10

    People are such hypocrites. One minute they love everything about Alesso and his tracks but as soon as there is a post about him, people start hating, what’s up with that?

    This may not be his best track so far, but why harass his sound all of a sudden just because ONE track isn’t a masterpiece but “just” a great track.. And by great track, I mean Size release-ish

  • @Purtnit you say this is calling all over again and then you say you like the other id which is EVEN MORE similar to calling..

    if this was a track from an unknown producer, people would love it, only to start hating when they see everyone else loving it as well. I know some may say you expect more just because its alesso, but at the end of the day, its all about the track itself and not the producer behind it, right???

    judge the track by the actual track, not by the artist behind it..

  • Oh man, I was at this show. The guy is incredibly talented as a producer and as a DJ. Best progressive house set I’ve seen in months. Song is a little different, but I like it and think with a little polish it’ll be another classic Alesso tune.

  • old news..

    but still an awesome TRACK :D

  • @ Peter The Shooter

    “This may not be his best track so far, but why harass his sound all of a sudden just because ONE track isn’t a masterpiece but ”just” a great track.. And by great track, I mean Size release-ish”

    comparing an alesso track with size records tracks……………… clueless, words cannot even describe :D


    That track is confirmed to be an Alesso track, not Seb’s nor a collab;)

  • @ billyswilly: how is this old news?

  • this one sounds more like a track made for baby girls, like calling, pressure, titanium remix, good love remix, and so one … nillionaire, that was really a heck of a track, now its too cheesy for me!

  • From Nillionaire to this, mehhhh…….

  • awesome alesso!!

  • väntar tills jag får höra den imorgon

  • JANTELAGEN? Helvete, sluta detta är fan asbra.

  • Alesso was great till Nillionaire (and a bit after), now he is more and more lame.

    I only have interest in the tomorrowland id, but i guess he didn’t understand its potential…

  • @jeff alesso’s first procustion was nillionaire & i guess he can’t have been great till those tracks since they were his first ever..

  • oh boy what a FAIL that was…many apologizes i should check beatport before i speak…:P:P

  • And if this is released through Refune, I will laugh my ass off!
    I just have to look at Refune’s history till early 2011, to see this is not Refune-worthy.
    But that is Seb’s decision, let’s see what he is goind to do…

  • Aaa fun to see how the swedish jealousy really runs through this blog…
    But who gives a crap about like 30 bad comments, it’s like 0,001% of Alessos fanbase.
    Since he´s only getting bigger and bigger for every track he does, has sold out shows wherever he goes, it is certain that he makes good music no matter what the clowns in this comment field are saying.

    And sure I know, everybody has a right to an opinion, it’s just that it seems like in this blog, the haters speak out more than the “lovers”. But then I guess, the real fans are the ones who makes Alesso’s tracks top 10 on Beatport, enjoying good music, and goes to his sold out shows and having an amazing and crazy time, they don’t stay in front of a computer complaining about life….

  • is it only me that has noticed that this picture are photoshoped? look at the shadows from his hands and head and so on! FAIL =)

  • @trey
    Maybe you don’t know how many different people are making comments here on the blog, but I guess they are from all over europe and also the USA.

    So in your opinion Alesso’s fans can only be the facebook girls, who don’t have their own opinion? Just because you and others can’t handle criticism?
    And no, I’m not staying in front of my computer and complaining about life and I’m also not from Sweden.
    I’m just disappointed by this track and his recent remixes.

  • i agree…this track isnt really that what i expect from a producer like him. i mean dynamite EP, pressure remix and yeah calling too….and now that?

    sounds like an mainstream track for mainstream radio stations for mainstream listeners.

    i thought alesso brings some new stuff in this genre. it looks like i was wrong :(

  • @manu

    maybe you should read a little more carefully of what I wrote.

    1. Sure my ending maybe was a bit wrong to put the all negative commentators in the same “group”, so complain about that then…
    2. I didn’t say that the comments are only from swedish people, I said that “the swedish jealousy” runs through this blog, that’s an expression
    3. How do you know that all Alesso’s facebook fans are girls with no opinion? have checked through all his 70 000 fans and know who they are and what they think like?
    4. I just wrote that everybody has a right to an opinion, so it is strange that you’re saying that I can’t handle critisim. You said your opinion, I said mine…

  • “I feel so close to you right now… It’s a force field.. I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal”

  • Seriously no artist uses the same sound forever. Just listen to the superstar producers like Kaskade, Thomas Gold & Axwell. They are flexible as fuck soundwise.

    I “Think It’s Time” for Alesso to move on. I’m not a hater. He should to combine his new sound with the sound from “Think It’s Time” & “Nillionaire” etc. and he will absolutely kill it.

  • 53 comments on a live preview from Alesso? Seriously?

  • Not trying to hate too much, but the breakdown with the drums ect. sounds like they could be under a warning message, about piracy or something, on a dvd before the movie starts.

  • Ah, the dance music is back. But im here for the house?

  • And that breakdown doesn’t necessarily have to be bad btw, I could listen to it without a problem. But the climax of the track is like many people before me have already said, quite uninspiring.

  • Why does everyone love Calling? WTF it was his worst track …

  • Lol dude, best track he ever made!

  • This track is unique. It’s obviously not as good as his other productions but it’s an original melody. Now a-days originally is very hard for upcoming producers. I think we can all say that Alesso has mastered that. Every production has a unique and original melody. What’s even harder is making an original melody thats catchy and sells to the people.

    Personally, I think Alesso is one of the best producers under Axwell, Thomas Gold, Dirty South etc. This track is beautiful.

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