It is not uncommon to find the notorious NU-Disco sub genre cloaked in an air of mystery and confusion. But where countless arguments have surrounded it’s popular vintage appeal, 17-year-old spectacle Madeon has not only mastered it, but led it forward with promising pace. Hailing from France and already boasting remix duties for Deadmau5’s ‘Raise Your Weapon’, the budding beat smith’s addition to Swedish House Mafia’s landmark British showcase at Milton Keynes Bowl this summer marks that we are not alone in scoping what promises to be an Electronic sensation in the making.

In a bid to establish Electro’s glitchier side, the Pete Tong approved ‘Icarus’ raises a potent blend of mechanically sound melodic pop that beckons the positive vibes of an early-80’s dance floor from the outset. But where others have recreated the heyday of this Electronic offspiring, this modern and meticulous display of Madeon’s carefully crafted club dialect suggests that despite his youth there is a air of maturity in with work significantly lacking elsewhere in the industry. Where Greek mythology placed Icarus as the object of failing ambition, this potent original from France’s freshest House talent is set to turn that ideal on itself as the young producer continues to spread his wings towards the big league. Judging by the positive noise thus far, this is one artist who need not fear the heat of the sun on his journey upwards.

‘Icarus’ is due out February 26th as the premiere release of his own record label Popcultur.

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Den är ju absolut bra, ingen tvekan. Men det är tyvärr mycket svårt att höra skillnad på hans låtar..

  • I never understood why it’s so hard for you guys to comment in English? Are Swedish schools that close minded?

    Anyways, I have always dreamt of my own label after just a few tracks, and this 17 year old just does it! A bit jealous that Madeon has gained so much support for so few (but well produced) tracks. I hope this decision works out for him. I have a few friends here and there who did the same and lost a big amount of money, because running a label is quite costly nowadays.

    And I also hope this wunderkind will continue his efforts on mau5trap. I would love to hear another remix for the mau5 from him!

  • Jura: Funny that you’re saying that, considering that Sweden is one of the best English speaking countries in the world, among those where it isn’t a native language.

    The reason that people are often commenting in Swedish here is probably because at least half of the visitors are from Sweden, and that this a Sweden-based blog. The articles even used to be in Swedish before they changed their management into what now is Beatmyday.

  • As good as complextro gets!

  • I was being sarcastic, as I am well aware of the Swedish Education system (stayed there for at least half a year).

    But these Swedish comments are holding this site back, in becoming even bigger than it is now. I can imagine it being annoying for the many not swedish visitors, who are looking for a public appeal but read nothing but foreign sentences.

    I mean, how hard is it to write the same thing in the easiest language in the world, so people can have a discussion here instead of being scared away by an orgy of Svenska :O.

  • Ofta ni lägger upp den här NU?! skitgammal juh…….

  • Sven: Om du kollar igenom posten förstår du att tanken bakom denna posten var att få ut info om release datumet. Postade även denna låten i Oktober –

  • English is not the easiest language in the world.

  • Jura:

    Why would you say that, when your english isn’t great? :) That’s like you sayin’ your not dumb, and then typing dumb without a b… ;)

  • Nicolai: you’re*

    Also, I am boggled at how this doesn’t have 20+ comments – this kid is the REAL DEAL!

  • a new in the French Air Force !

    Arno Cost
    Norman Doray
    Tristan Garner
    Gregory Klosman
    Sebastien Drums

    i am french !

    The best dj comes from : France , Swede , Dutch , Italy , England , and around the world ! THE WORLD OF HOUSE MUSIC !

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