With a legacy comprising of finely developed robotic mouse-heads and an infatuation with the technical realms of Electronic Dance Music, Joel Zimmerman is proving something of a landmark in Canada’s contributions to the genre’s universal explosion. Formatively fusing unforgettable live spectacles with his hands on approach to dynamic club fuel, while his mass appeal may have turned off those devout to the ideals of Electronic Music heyday of underground activity, you cant argue with the eye opening appeal Deadmau5 has conjured over the years.

Having kept somewhat quiet on the releases front since November’s ‘Aural Psynapse’, the honorary Mau5keteer returns to his infamous imprint for a highly anticipated inaugural return ‘Maths’. Throwing a riff that reaks of Daft Punk’s unremitting influence into the equation alongside his usual array of articulate synth play and consistent transitions, it is reassuring to see that with age Deamau5 is not so much becoming predictable and reliable. In true Mau5trap style, his journey from frantic melodics to mechanically tuned floor play, Zimmerman evidently still has a lot of cards to play for 2012.

Deadmau5 – Maths [Mau5trap Recordings] – iTunes Link
Beatport Link
Spotify Link

Deadmau5 – Maths

Words by Dan Carter

29 Comments to “Release: Deadmau5 – Maths [Mau5trap]”

  • Typical Deadmau5 not his best one, but good.


  • feet!

  • Mats: Thank you, added it to the post :)

  • He’s Back!
    btw is the aural psynapse the final version?

  • Tycker han har gått ner sig lite, eller mycket faktiskt.

    Dock ÄLSKAR jag den här låten, vet inte om den släppts än. Cthulhu 2.

  • Banging!

  • @Pomjump53 Den släpptes som ”Free Download”


  • i had heard this track of deadmau5 long long time ago as in months ago..dunno why he just officially released on 17th feb

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