Fresh off the mark from his ’15 Minutes Of Fame’ slot on the distinguished airwaves of Pete Tong, the once infamous chainsaw master turned unremitting remixer Fadil El Ghoul has truly taken his R3hab moniker to unsuspecting levels. Transitioning from promising Dutch contender to universal Electronic entity has seen him bring the noise for daring remodels for Lady Gaga and David Guetta alike in a bid to give the industry’s more commercial entities a much needed kick in the ass. Let loose on Swedish peer Adrian Lux’s enigmatically popular anthem ‘Fire’, R3hab steps away from his usual onslaught of fine-tuned chainsaw madness for his most ‘grown up’ offering to date. While the energy and ferocious lead work of his usual output remain intact through out, the developing melodic weavings of his own sharp synths and Lune’s own distinct vocal stylings make for a fresh and invigorating outing for the supreme remixer.

The remixes of ‘Fire’ are out February 21st via Ultra Records.

Adrian Lux feat. Lune – Fire (R3hab Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

9 Comments to “Preview: Adrian Lux feat. Lune – Fire (R3hab Remix) [Ultra]”

  • Well that is… really bad.

    Jeremy Olander remix for me!

  • Can’t see the relationship between the name ”Maths” and this track.

    Did expect a totally different track.

  • Ritchie: I suppose that comment was meant for the deadmau5 post?

  • Great to see him mix things up a bit! Would love to see another track like sending my love or prutataa again (:

  • this is utter garbage compared to Jeremy Olander’s remix, however it’s nice to see R3hab try something different than the chainsaw massacre we usually hear from him.

  • cool melody, may become a bit cheesy at times though but overall good

  • lol at this remix

  • Oh my God this is so bad. R3hab needs to go away.

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