As their name might sugggest, the Swedish House Mafia are a team synonymous with rigid family values and a break neck approach to anthemic floor fillers. Following up their landmark offering alongside Pendulum side-project Knife Party and the positive assortment of chart-worthy assers currently filling their musical trophy cabinet, the triumphant trio take proceedings with same momentum that has carried their legacy from the outset. Bringing things back to basis for the original instrumental, an array of grinding synths and symphonic chord play make for a perfectly orchestrated outing of club music that persuasively argues a case for the Swedish House Mafia’s ongoing onslaught of the clubs and charts alike.

‘Greyhound’ is due to release on March 12th via EMI Music.

*Updated sample: Final Extended version, as premiered on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection

Words by Dan Carter

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  • I think that the versions from Madison square garden and this one are different.

  • PHAT! =)

  • how you guys wrote and put this together so quickly, i tip my hat to you guys

  • @Nick

    This video is from February 8th.

  • The MSG version was much better sadly.

  • yeah it is, the melody is a bit different thats all, think the msg version is better

  • I quess they changed the Hanz Zimmer-part to avoid any confusion

  • @Nick : ^^ -> live tracklisting from BBC Radio One ;) )))))

    shm’s version is ofc sooo much fatter but a big disappointment regarding originality :(

  • For phuck sake shm! Msg versionen är så jävla mkt bättre, de här förhöjda syntharna och borttagningen av vissa toner förstör en låt som jag verkligen älskade!!!!!!

  • LMAOO Greyhound ? totally expected something else

  • dw guys axwell is just testing out a different version… they do this all the time for their remixs/singles… they did this alot with the different versions they had for their remix of every teardrop is a waterfall :)

  • i agree the msg version was much better, this version doesn’t sound right.

  • @Jonas +1
    Wtf are they kidding me with actually releasing this? Taking Hans Zimmer – Time (and the Audible bootleg) and putting their own name on it. This is really low, my god so low =/

  • Jan: That Audible bootleg was released (without any teasers ahead of the release) over half a month AFTER Swedish House Mafia played ‘Greyhound’ at Madison Square Garden in December.. With that in mind, things suggest it’s actually the opposite…

  • The point is that this version SUCKS…..Really dissapointed by the Swedes :-/……

  • Hans Zimmer – Time

  • HA! Im glad im not the only one that liked the MSG version better. This one sounded ”off”

  • Sound like a Peter Brown – I’ll House U (Swanky Tunes Remix)

  • @Anton How can this be an original of SHM, when this is clearly a remix of am already existing track (Hans Zimmer – Time). SHM should name their song ”Hans Zimmer – Time (SHM remix)” as it is clearly a remix and not their own creation. But you know…money buys everything..they’re not the same guys of ‘ONE’ or ‘M2I’

  • @andy
    Or LTWB or the Get Dumb…

  • The MSG version was much better. hope they release that version!!!!

  • audible made a bootleg from MSG set,and just reareanged it,its called bootleg,he must use some other song,and dont you ask yourself why he did it after msg…now we are talking about him like he is original producer…dont you think that he would call till now to say that BIG SHM has stolen his work…relax guys…

  • @andy, ever heard of a thing called sampling??????? When any other artist samples a track for an own original track that’s cool. But when Swedish House Mafia do it, it’s theft… Seriously, lay off the comments about Hans Zimmer – Time, we know all about it already and it’s quite obvious they’re sampling the chords of that track.

    Now, lets move past this literally dumb discussion about Hans Zimmer and focus on the track itself, please..

    For me, that darker drop is absolutely insane! the interlude is not as cool but not bad

  • the version at MSG was okay, this one sucks big time… the old days of the SHM are behind us and will never come back.

  • This is how it sounds when they lack of ideas. Had it been any other producer, noone would’ve cared about this track. It’s good though that they finally seems to have dropped that pop shit sound like save the world.

    It started so well with Leave the world behind but ended so crappy with pling plong avicii pop sounds.

  • Here we go again. Mick, you heard it on the Essential Selection but you still insist spending time to listen to something you think suck again in order to post a hate comment on this post.

    Oh well, I’m sure it wouldn’t matter if they released the MSG version instead. In your mind, it would suck anyway. That’s quite comical though since there is barely any difference. The synths over the second drop didn’t fit with that drop anyways so just good they edited that part.

    And the synths are still very similar to the first version. So, what exactly made you come up with the opinion that the MSG version works, but this doesn’t.

    By exactly, I literally mean exactly.

    If they would’ve kept the MSG version as the final version, I’m sure you would bring this Hans Zimmer stuff up over and over again anyways. Haters gonna hate, and if you say you’re no hater, you obviously have a twisted take on reality.

  • @andy SHM played this way way before the audible bootleg was released

  • @Ricky… since when are you following the SHM ? tell me. Now let’s go back between 2004-2009. They were totally different, before they sign this contract with EMI. I was a TRUE fan, and did not become a fan since One. So yeah, i’m f**cking disappointed about the way they’re going now.

    You’re probably right, if they would release the MSG version i would also say they suck. Because IT IS actually true since the commercial way they took in 2010. Face it man, 90% of SHM’s fans now are R&B/Pop listeners, when 90% were true house lovers back in the day. And I’m not only speaking about the producers they are, but also about their djing job : they are so common now, look at every set of other DJs or mix-tape or whatever, it is all the same sh*t, same tracklist, same mashups … Before, they used to be original, now it’s over, there’s barely no difference between a SHM set or an Alesso set’ except their own productions.

    Just look at Paris Hilton, in 2009 she asks Steve Angello to play R&B because she didnt look house music. Now she wanna be a DJ and produce house music! I think that says everything about the way house music is going! And imo, everything started with ”One”, by the swedes. And oh, just to be clear, i’m not jealous of the swedish DJs at all, i dont care about the country. Jeremy Olander and Eric Prydz are actually the best for me, and they’re swedish.

    So Yes, I’m a hater, because of the different arguments i just wrote. Lots of true old fans are disappointed about the SHM now, I’m not the only one… And everyone can have own opinion, so don’t reply to everybody’s opinion you disagree. You like them, I dont, end of the discussion.

  • @Mick, actually, I’d be surprised if you’ve been following them longer than I have. But that’s beside the point. This is about the mentality about hate, and if you don’t like something, why bother spending your time on hating when you instead can listen to some dope Prydz tracks?

    I’m still loving Partouze, 555, Axer – 123, woz not woz, steve angello’s edit of phunk, trix and voices and many others and I listen to them on a daily basis.

    But things change. Save The World was a big face plant but this, I’m really loving. Would love to see an edit where someone switches those interlude synths for the build-up of 555 perhaps.

    Now that we’re past that, lets focus on something productive. Keep the hate to yourself and post rational comments like the one you just posted instead. Just hating is downright stupid and pathetic. Voice your opinion in a more ”grown-up” manner instead.

    That goes for most of the haters. If you’re going to hate/post negative comments, at least have the decency to give us your take on the matter instead of just saying ”this sucks” or similar.

  • Wau, for the first time I hear this track from live set from the MSG in NY and I told ”Massive, I hope that this will sometimes release.” And now. it’s here. Amazing. I love this track.

  • I really like the previous version better, this one doesn’t have that special feeling.

  • @Mick AMEN

  • And to all other people out there, just stop this sampling stuff blah blah blah stuff. You can say whatever you want but sampling THIS way (stealing chords) corresponds to TOTAL lack of imagination…i’m not ”bashing out” because of this, but because of theri lack of imagination and respect for others people work…since they did not manipulate the original melody, at least they were to entitle it as remix o bootleg, but you know…money buys all things…also talent.

    and btw ‘get dumb’ and ‘LTWB’ are not SHM tracks…they’re just collab between them…officially they started making tracks as SHM with ‘ONE’..and that corresponds to them going commercial

  • u think there will be vocals on this? i hope not

  • Andy, didn’t you read Anton’s reply?

    ”That Audible bootleg was released (without any teasers ahead of the release) over half a month AFTER Swedish House Mafia played ‘Greyhound’ at Madison Square Garden in December.. With that in mind, things suggest it’s actually the opposite…”

  • @ Mick You took the words out of my mouth. Great analysis, I agreed on exactly everything you wrote.

    The worst thing is people that like all of their tracks because of the fact that they are Swedish House Mafia.

  • SHM let their old fans down, but hey, who whouldnt with that kind of money in popmusic.

  • suxxxx

  • I actually skipped this after a while because it’s barely listenable. Not that’s it’s bad, but I get nervous from the strange flow in this. The piano/Hans Zimmer tribute part is still great though.

    About SHM being commercial. The whole term commercial is bullshit. I listened to their 2003 – 2005 sets too when I was a kid, but those times are gone and they wanted a new challenge. Too bad for many of us (from 2003-2006) that that particular challenge is completely different from what they used to do.

    The past will always be better, because you like the idea of being original and you unintentionally add a lot of value to that. Of course it sucks that something you put effort into to follow and listen too, now is accessible to any idiot with internet and MTV who couldn’t care any less about House in general.

    But you can’t blame SHM for being commercial, since every artist wants to make a luxurious living. In fact, almost any House artist is commercial in this generation. There are few artist that choose a honest career over a lifetime without financial wories. Besides that, SHM now left a mark on the dance scene that few dance artist before them could have done, and who doesn’t want a legacy like a performance in MSG?

    I believe that House was better back in the days, but kids from this generation growing old, will say the same about this era when they grow up. Frankly, complaining about it on the web is not the solution to your problems, instead, find different music. SHM will not return to it’s former glory/the SHM we all like. They are way too successive to ”downgrade” their career, especially with EMI/Virgin in their backs.

  • @Jura * How the term commercial is being used as a negative term is bullshit

  • fucking huge track to be honest, its a monster live too

  • I feel bad for Audible not being allowed to release his version officialy while it sounds so much better. Myself I heard his bootleg before the version by SHM as it was played on A State Of Trance (Its a trance track) a few times close to the new year. Im just glad people are at least aware that the melody comes from something else. Maybe u should have written that in the information?

  • Oh, a Hans Zimmer remix!

  • GREAT!

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  • @Anton Nu jävlar börjar ni bli stora, att SHM själva länkar hit! :) )

  • OMG, stop hatin!!!

    this song is fucking perfect!!!
    i really got goosebumps! looking farward to Monday!!


  • Why are some many people complaining this sounds just as good if not better than the msg version.

  • Well, I don’t mind the whole sampling thing… Remember the whole Knas controversy. Knas is still a good song. SO dunno why people are concerned about that.

    But this is weak. It’s SHM. that’s the only redeming quality of the track. I was disappointed the first time I heard it and thought , They would improve it and well that hasn’t really happened.

    I want to like this song , I really do but I can’t.

    I’ll just wait for the next SHM track and pretend this one didn’t happen

  • @simba let’s pretend 90% of the last two years did not happen…

  • i must say that this song has greater potential for vocal version than one ore m2i…if they do that job right and find some great vocal and lyrics,like deborah’s,this can be fucking huge…amazing song !!!

  • BANG ! awesome different one I love it :)

  • Next level: sample Pirates of the caribbean…..

  • Amazing track, will blow out some speakers this year!

    The only negative thing I can see is the breakdown-melody, it seems a bit random, no good structure/feeling .. like they had in Miami 2 Ibiza, One etc.

    Maybe a sick vocal can fix that later on! 4/5

  • ………………………………………..great track, Lets take the Greyhound Bus all over the world..

  • the first version at msg was better no doubt, but this is nuts anyway

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