With so much talk of legends within Sweden’s ever-growing House culture, it is easy to forget where it all began. Having donned his superior studio skills across the wider spectrum of Dance music, few can boast the musical attainment of Sweden’s intrinsic House don Steve Angello. Outside of his affiliations with the globes most sought after Dance act to date, his earlier Tech fuelled contributions and inevitable leap into the global charts with ‘Show Me Love’ remain a testament to the widespread progression of Dance music, while his own imprint Size Records can still be found at the heart of some of the globes most seminal club anthems to date.

But in thickening the production values of this highly anticipated return, our Mafioso man fuses subtle guitar-driven chords and skittish leads to launch an onslaught of steady beats, anthemic synth-work and precise rhythmic play to form one of his strongest solo outings to date. While the Swedish House Mafia continue to save the world with vital doses of heartfelt yet chart worthy club fuel, it is soundly reassuring to see Angello return to the limelight with a promising injection of substantial club candy amid a universal explosion of fame and fortune for both himself and his craft.

Words by Dan Carter

23 Comments to “Preview: Steve Angello – Yeah [Size]”

  • Liked everything but the synths.. hoping the previous version will be released as well (:

  • Will not voice any opinion until i hear this in a stadium or a big room club

  • Han har ju totalt förstört den… lät ju så galet bättre OCH fetare innan

  • Weird… I remember a tweet from Steve one or 2 weeks ago where he said that his next songs would be named something like ‘all about charlie’ and it would be 303 all the way…

  • Den gamla yeah finns i studiokvalitet, om man googlar lite :)

  • like…seriously??? previous version was so much better…what’s worng with these guys??

  • I have to say I like this version much more, except from the synths.
    He should release the other version as well as Yeah (Remode)

  • This version is so much better than the old one I think!

  • This new version is hot, but according me was the ‘last year’ version a bit better.

  • This new version is at least 2000 x better then the old one.

  • The old version leaked on the net dudes.

  • Trey: No, it didn’t. The ”leaked” version is a remodelled RIP. Very good one though ;)

  • ”Just finished a new record ! Gonna call it ”Out with Charlie” 303 all the way!”

  • I prefer the leaked version. This is so… avegarage. seriously .

  • Yup, leaked version is better. I expect more from Steve tbh.

  • i like the two version but i perfer the first one, he should totally release those two tracks in an EP.

  • Anton: Fooled me, usually I can pickup on the remodeled. Sounds almost identical :)

  • hector: Exactly!

  • Sounds great!

  • where can I download this version?

  • den: You can’t yet. It’ll be available to download from September 29.

    El Dino + Jono: Nope.

  • I found this track , enjoy :)


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