Cut from the same familial cloth as the enigmatic Paul Kalkbrenner, brother and equally impressive Berlin Electronic asset Fritz Kalkbrenner is far from just ‘the other Kalkbrenner kid’. Fusing seamlessly rigid beats with warm melodics at every given opportunity, from soulful Electronic tracks to movie scores, Fritz is one eclectic European asset.

Premiered by Pete Tong’s for the Essential Selection show, ‘Ruby Lee’ remains as integrally German in attitude and Electronic aptitude as his former offerings, fusing a delicate vocal line with smooth chords and a sophisticated bass groove to make for a movie-like piece of music rather than a club anthem. While the ‘hands in the air’ moments now so commonly associated with European Electronic music, there is evidently still time for the calm and collected movements that Kalkbrenner does all too well and his musical maturity reigns as all too inviting on the modern front.

Words by Dan Carter

7 Comments to “Preview: Fritz Kalkbrenner – Ruby Lee”

  • fritz always delivers! excellent track

  • Nice to see Beat my day keep the eyes open for people to see what is really quality music!

    One love

  • Groovy, I truly hope they also release a version with Pete Tong’s voice over it like in this rip =D

  • Stunning, as always with Kalkbrenner!

  • så ja, lite soft groove!

  • wow, this track is GENIUS

  • outstanding delivery by Fritz:)

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