Adding to Sweden’s already immaculate assembly of downright tasteful House players, horror-film enthusiast turned king of ‘wobble’ Albin Myers has become one of the Swedish undergrounds most affluent acts to date. With a host of essential cuts for the likes of Defected Records and Mutants Records, Myers’ diverse scope for remixes has further established him as a positive bridge between the European underground and the high-end of the international music industry.

But if 2011 taught us anything about the promising Swede producer, it was that Myers’ vivacious studio output is still profoundly heavy and ultimately charged towards to the dance floor. In the same vein as the aptly named ‘Wobble’ , newly released stormer Hells Bells deals in haunting chimes and rising leads that rise into a well-rigged onslaught of trembling low-end frequencies. Given a well-deserved blast by Tiësto at the Globe Arena for his ultimate nod to Sweden’s resurrected club scene, it seems evident that Myers will be leading the way for his Swedish peers in 2012.

Albin Myers – Hells Bells [Cr2 Records] – Beatport Link

N.B. ‘Hells Bells’ is also due to be released later as the headliner of an Albin Myers EP on Dim Mak Records.

Words by Dan Carter

11 Comments to “Release: Albin Myers – Hells Bells [Cr2]”

  • Fuckin HUGE! Love Myers productions!

  • Jeez, this is absolutely awesome!

  • JA! Äntligen!

    ha-ha *drop*

  • Anton, när släpper han vår favvis från Trädgårn?

  • Albin Myers ep?? When?

  • this is MASSIVE I can’t stop listening to it

  • MP: Vilken är vår favvis? :P

    M&H: Yeah, an EP called ‘Hells Bells’ coming this Spring. More information on this as we get it :)

  • YES

  • Albin Myers is insanely underated! this is HUGE

  • Nice track, and I really like that Albin Myers actually is a great guy..Very down to earth and cool though his success in the edm-scene..I’ve Met him at some of his gigs and he is always friendly, I wish all luck for him in the future! =)

  • He is the greatest DJ of all time.

    PS. I’m heavily biased.

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