The prior are London’s hottest new Progressive House asset to date, the latter are modern British Electronica’s undisputed masters. Together, there was always going to be a vast degree of hysteria. Alongside diverse duo Cicada’s undeniable legacy at the forefront of the country’s forward thinking Electronic movement, newcomers Third Party have championed the likes of Size Records with back-to-back outings of intense club minded masterpieces.

In the same vein as ‘Duel’ and ‘Release’, Third Party’s momentous take on the infamous vocal sample of ‘Don’t Stare At The Sun’ – once the familiar soundtrack to a Revlon advert – shows little remorse for its ambient origins. Dealing in straight and sharp keys alongside solidly fashioned beat work, the London duo inject that signature energy and floor shaking persuasion into the original’s emotive vocal stylings for an intrepid romp into Dance music’s impassioned present. With a forthcoming remodel of Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s ‘Otherside’ already stirring support from across the industry, these boys are proving to be a powerful and genuinely ingenious force within modern Dance music.

‘Feel’ is released March 12th via Size Records.

Third Party vs. Cicada – Feel

Words by Dan Carter

32 Comments to “Preview: Third Party vs. Cicada – Feel [Size]”

  • OMFG… thank you <3 Love this TUNE! :D FUCKING AWESOME! :D the wait is worth every second!

  • så overkligt bra! däremot var den tidigare youtube-previewn tuuuusen gånger fetare. att de sänkt vokalen förstår jag inte! =(

  • 20 years later…it’s about time Size! Excited.


    prutt +1

  • Finally <3

  • HELVETE 1.08 <3

  • Finally, finall! Waited so long for this, more than an awesome tune

  • How can the tweet number up there only say 3 when you’ve got 6 retweets (or more) for the tweet to this post??

  • Great Track. Worth to buy.
    Anton or Dan Carter ,Could you Please answer my question? Why didn’t you guys support Roll The Dice From Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman? You supportd their remix of The scientist andi thought their new track would be supported as well

  • Äntligen indeed…

  • @Vitor: there were some delays with beatport and uploading the song. It’s not on beatport yet.

  • Ricky: The tweet count is weird sometimes and not always counting correct. Often way more tweets about the post than actually viewed in that box.

    Vitor: We’ve supported Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman ever since the beginning and we’ll be supporting the release of ‘Roll The Dice’ as well :)

  • Nice track! Kinda reminds me of Otto Knows – Million Voices though

  • Oskar it came out way before million voices on youtube

  • @ Oskar
    Otto Knows song was produced after this track :) For some reason this song got released really late

  • it’s about time, thought they would never release it

  • Love this track but really liked the one played on Tiesto’s Club Life – still a great track! anybody agree?

  • great track..but besides that, i don’t like Size’s new artwork style :D

  • I thought atom was released at that date from Size? WTF!

  • The first version was much better, too much modifications since Tiesto’s club life in May.
    and +1 on the artworks, the older ones were much more sophisticated!

  • Been waiting forever for this track. Kind of disapointed with the changes they have made but it is an amazing track nonetheless. Still I really hope they would release the early preview aswell.

  • The old artworks looked slightly better.
    Anyways, nice track

  • maybe steve got jealous of refune’s and axtone’s tremendous artworks :D

  • That melody in the very beginning, didn’t Pryda use that in one of his tracks as well? Sounds so incredibly familiar!

    Also, I really dislike the new artwork. I loved the simple title+barcode covers, they made the music speak for itself instead of the artwork.

  • I feel like i’m in a time machine today lol. Ive been listening to this for nearly a year… Yeah Prydz used that ”melody” on Niton.

  • Mike: Same here, this post was made in order to promote the release date of this track :) We posted a preview post for the first version of this track back in May. And for the record, this is a completely new version of the track.

  • Of course, Niton! Thanks Mike :)

  • Bara jag som ÄLSKAR de nya omslagen?

  • Such a sick track. Great artwork.

  • It’s amazing that they can’t understand that the first version of the track is so much better than the new one….

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