Bonafide House legend, master of the soulful club classic. Whatever cliché you choose to lead with, there is little denying the legendary grandeur maintained by the original Chicago master and his undefeated knack for well-oiled club cuts. As the decades have passed, Frankie’s renowned presence on the decks and across the airwaves have led us to believe that like a fine wine, this is one House asset who has grown better with age.

Returning to Nocturnal Groove alongside studio partner Eric Kupper as Director’s Cut, Frankie Knuckles and co. call on the vocal assets of B. Slade to cut one of the most positively charged House anthems of the past 20-years. Dealing in infectious vocal stylings and a strong fusion of dynamic disco grooves and solid House beats, Parisian mix master Sami Dee drives something intrinsically positive into this next instalation for The Shapeshifters’ heroic House imprint from the man who has dictated Dancefloor etiquete for more than 30-years.

Frankie Knuckles presents Director’s Cut feat. B Slade – Get Over U (Sami Dee Edit) [Nocturnal Groove Digital] – Beatport Link

Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut feat. B. Slade – Get Over U (Sami Dee Edit)

Words by Dan Carter

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