As we shake off the winter chills enroute to Miami WMC, the invariably matured sound of Eclectic Electronic extraordinaire and Italian House whizz Mowgli shines through courtesy of his debut outing for Defected in ultimate style with the sleek ‘Back In The Day’. Pinching the top-level skills of the voice behind Timo Garcia’s unforgettable ‘Lady Luck’, Amber Jolene proves the winning asset to this laidback injection of dominant bass grooves and chic rhythmic persuasions. Laced with infectious vocal hooks and a consistent flow of easy after club flavours, his escape from the peak time banger to the ambient realms of steady-paced floor fuel marks a peak for one of Europe’s more dignified House assets to date. Already making promising noise for 2012, the route to his debut artist album is proving a sexy array of deep and meticulous Electronic magic if this impressive inaugural Defected affair is anything to go by.

Mowgli feat. Amber Jolene – Back In The Day [Defected Records] – Beatport Link

Mowgli feat. Amber Jolene – Back In The Day

Words by Dan Carter

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