De La Soul once suggested that three was the magic number. In an age and genre foreign to the well-rooted history of Hip Hop, a sensational collaboration between Russia’s finest Progressive House players is set to extend this infinite wisdom with a well-fitting track titled ‘Trio’. Where young Electronic sensation Arty has championed the likes of Anjunabeats and attained himself a top-30 spot in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, brotherly duo Matisse and Sadko have taken the positive vibes of the Russian underground to Armada Music and such larger than life events as Sensation three times. With a sordid history of political tension and social turbulence, this new generation of Russian Electronic music have lead the way for the country’s dynamic contributions to the bigger European House explosion.

For their debut outing for Axtone though, there was no room for half-measures. Building an array of divine resonating leads, this Russian collective waste no time in launching a deadly blow of finely tuned Progressive House spectacle, intricately fusing Arty’s euphoric background with the brother’s fierce appetite for big room vibes to forge an outstanding for this fine European troupe of producers. With solid leads driving a steady canvas of solid beats and escalating melodics, the trio truly deliver a piece of Dance music that not only peaks in all the right places, but proves that the genre is still rife with diverse energy and unsuspected avenues of anthemic club offerings. They may have been born yesterday by comparison to some of their elder European peers, but judging by the standard of this promising collaboration from the Eastern ensemble, they stayed up all night to fill in the gaps.

‘Trio’ is released March 5th via Axtone Records.

Arty, Matisse & Sadko – Trio

Words by Dan Carter

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  • good text! And it was about time…

  • Deras stilar produktivt sett passar väldigt bra ihop.

  • Finally!

  • ty axtone

  • LOVVVEEE the artwork its better than what i expected ! axtone has my fav colors too >.<

  • LOVVVEEE the artwork its better than what i expected ! axtone has my fav colors too >.<

  • artwork is so BADASS!

  • Awesome! And, yes, the artwork is super nice.

  • So excited for this, can’t get enough Arty! Most looking forward to this and Madeon’s – Icarus in the next couple weeks. In My Mind artwork was better ;) I said on that post, though, and I stick by it – Axtone has by far the best artwork in the scene!

  • JARRÅ!! fan va gött :) äntligen ha

  • Amazing! This is beautiful.

  • :’( så bra är den

  • är det inte sing 2 me som drar igång i slutet? någon ny info om den?

  • Size could really learn something from Axtone.

  • hell yeah ! finally !

  • lol preview? Haven’t we known about this for nearly a year?? lol good track though.

  • Mike: If you’ve been following us, you would know that we were actually the site that revealed the name of this track to the public back in September :) This post was made in order to promote the release date of the track.

  • yeah Mike, get shit on idiot CYA

  • Axtone är så sjuka på artwork!! Vackert. Hoppas dock på en axwell edit av denna då mixningen i original är reedigt konstig (dålig). Otroligt bra låt dock! Kärlek till Axtone och AXWELL

  • YES! YES! YES!

  • can’t wait for release!

  • årets låt så tuuuuung :D DD


    Men påminner mig lite om Ralvero – Xtreme..

  • I want to see the preview video !

  • @Mikael.
    Tror att ”Trio” var före Ralveros låt.

  • OMFG FINALLY!!!!!!!! what a track, i’m almost crying :’)

  • FINALY After almoste 4 monts i will have it ONE of THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD

  • FINALY After more than 4 monts i will have it ONE of THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD

  • FINALY after More than 5 months i will have it =) ONE OF THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD!!!!

  • [...] a big enough way to kick off March for these guys, their collaboration with Arty called “Trio” is set to release later today (March 5th), so look out for a complete Matisse and Sadko [...]

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