Sweden-bred Joakim Larsson comes out with a new, hour-long mixtape, featuring a well thought-out structure and flawless transitions. Bringing in a few tracks from last year and 2010 along with newly released tracks such as Qulinez much talked about debut single on Size Records, entitled ‘Troll‘, Hard Rock Sofa’s second and well-acclaimed coming to Axtone Records, ‘Quasar‘, Otto Knows’ Refune debut, titled ‘Million Voices‘, as well as Mat Zo’s dynamic, new single called ‘Bipolar‘, this mix does not only showcase a solid mixture of tech, progressive and electro but a creative concoction of old and new.


Joakim Larsson – February 2012 Mixtape


01. Norman Doray – Kalifornia (David Tort Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
02. Skitzofrenix & Jeff Doubleu – Rushin’ [Sneakerz Muzik]
03. Otto Knows – Million Voices [Refune]
04. Chris Lake – Sundown [Ultra]
05. Zedd – Stars Come Out (Tim Mason Remix) [Dim Mak]
06. Marco V – Analogital [TAO]
07. Mat Zo – Bipolar [Anjunabeats]
08. Qulinez – Troll [Size]
09. Tommy Trash – Cascade [PinkStar]
10. Third Party – Duel [Size]
11. Thomas Gold & Alex Kenji – What’s Up (Dub Mix) [Spinnin] w/ Tujamo – How We Roll [Tiger]
12. Hard Rock Sofa – Quasar [Axtone]


7 Comments to “Mixtape: Joakim Larsson – February 2012”

  • Now that’s how a mix is done, well done!

  • Vem är Joakim Larsson och varför lägger ni upp just denna mixtapen ?

  • Fred: Vet tyvärr inte mer om Joakim än det som står på hans SoundCloud – en DJ från Nyköping. Det är ett bra mixtape, som han helt klart har lagt ner tid och kreavititet på.

  • Bra mixtape helt klart, men samtidigt inget speciellt. Gör sånna här varje månad, de kan ni få lägga upp om ni behöver posts. :)



  • I’m also questioning why you are posting these mixtapes. I’d rather see music that’s actually produced by the ”artists” themselves instead. Sure, good mixtape but it’s not very unique in any way. Some actuall constructive criticism: it would be alot more appreciated if you promote up and coming producers that actually produce instead of these mixtapes.

  • @oij, you just won the stupidest comment of the day ;) Obviously, beat my day post one mixtape each day to please those who like mixtapes. Since you’re coming with ”constructive criticism”, I take it you didn’t start following the site today. This means you obviously know about this concept of theirs, and should know that productions are not a part of this concept.

    I take it you’re not a big fan of mixtapes, so why even bother commenting and requesting the guys at beat my day to stop a winning concept? I have followed beat my day for over a year now and I think they are good at spotting new talents. If I recall correctly, I think they even were the first site to ever interview alesso before the fame and even before his first release.

    I also think this is a good way for unknown DJs to make a name for themselves. Mixtapes is one thing, productions another. I think you, oij, and many others would rather see a mixtape without any useless production from the creator of the mixtape himself/herself screwing it up. Those who can produce will obviously get their tracks posted at beat my day. You seem to forget that there isn’t an abundance of great, unknown producers out there, but just a few. And you’re not alone, people seem to think anyone can produce these days. Sure, anyone can produce. But it’s a difference between produce and produce if you know what I mean ;)

    Do your homework before commenting, please.

  • Yes, perhaps the mixtape isn’t that unique, but it is not less unique than the mixtapes that are ”released” by more well-known djs all the time. I mean, how many mixtapes has there been the last couple of months with In My Mind, There And Back, Eyes Wide Open, etc…

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