Coldplay have had something of a speedy inauguration into the realms of Electronic Dance Music. Following on from Fedde Le Grand’s well-received remodel of the band’s global hit ‘Paradise’, esteemed American peer Dave Aude is on hand to work some of the studio magic that has illuminated his career over the past decade. Matching the familiar melodics of Chris Martin with an equally emotive soundscope of racing synths, Aude treads respectfully on the turf of Coldplay’s universal Pop stylings while injecting ‘Charlie Brown’ with an exciting backbone of eclectic club fuel. Where its seamless transitions outline Aude’s undeniable talents, the tracks unpretentious energy is enough to solidify the concept that somewhere along the line these two genres have become rather apt bedfellows.

Coldplay – Charlie Brown (Dave Aude Remix) [EMI Music] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

9 Comments to “Release: Coldplay – Charlie Brown (Dave Audé Remix) [EMI]”

  • så jävla skön

  • Urm, så vem har kopierat vem?

    Föredrar iallafall Ingasons.

  • Ingason just adapted the original track to the house speed and added opening and ending for transition. So, Dave Audé didn’t make a copy, it’s more a remix, Ingason’s is just a bootleg, nevertheless both are great.

  • @Topic

    Båda har ju kopirat originalet, dvs de har inte gjort så mycket förutom att göra den ”klubb-vänlig” genom att dra tillbaka den till typ 128 BPM (Innan låg den ju på 138)

  • Just a quick copy of the Ingason bootie, without the original parts.

  • Isnt this just the Arnar Ingason bootleg mix? Sounds almost identical to me. Quite a coincidence that this gets a release about a month after Arnar Ingason uploaded his mix as a free download.

  • Why are you copy-ing Arnar Ingason´s mix and making it your own? This one is released about 1 month after Arnar’s. Make your own music instead of stealing it from others who do well.

  • i think both just added a kick or something :)

  • Copying other peoples music in order to make money. Pathetic.

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