Swedish fuzz-masters Dada Life have established a solid name for their signature style of distorted Electro gems. Following on from ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker’, their lap from the world of instrumentals has proven a strong asset to their already illuminated name on the international scene. Jumping on the auto-tune bandwagon, their choice of vocal line is sure to cause a stir amid heyday fanatics of the sought-after duo, but the climax of this Electro Pop union is ultimately one of moderate thrills and fairly effective production values from the outset. Driving their familiar pitch evading leads across a canvas of sturdy beats and groaning bass, ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’ is something of a risky venture for the duo having solidified their names to a rather particular sound.

‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’ is released on April 18th via So Much Dada.

Words by Dan Carter

10 Comments to “Preview: Dada Life – Rolling Stone T-Shirt [So Much Dada]”

  • That vocal is just insane! Love it.

  • But when is the vocal version of Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker coming out?

  • wow – didn’t expect that! huge tune!

  • Absolutely amazing! Dada Life rulez!

  • Along with the Cazzette-remix, whieeeeeeeeho

  • love the vocals, we can all hear that it is dada life, but if you change the drop so it sounds like, lets say, avicii, it will sure became a huge international success

  • love the vocals! anyone know who’s singing?

  • @Nico ”Auto-tune”

  • @Ricardo ofc I know, but is it a sample or something then?

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