Taken from M83’s highly-acclaimed sixth studio album, the unremitting sounds of ‘Midnight City’ have been far more than just an average track out from the phenomenal French band that are proving as popular as they are innovative. Where the original has been an essential soundtrack for radio and big screen alike, Eric Prydz’s recently surfaced take gives it that well-needed dose of big room, taking the unique and chart-worthy sound of M83 to the global dancefloor. First intended to be an unofficial version for his own live sets, the on-going acclaim and recognition for the Eric Prydz rendition lately has caused Naive Music to lap it up for an official release. Boosting the original by 20 bpm, the club-suitable Eric Prydz remix preserves ‘Midnight City’s unforgettable appeal and vocal screams while adding a sizeable proportion of the Swede’s inimitable knack for unforgettable productions.

M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix) [M83 Recordings] – Beatport Link
iTunes Link
Spotify Link

N.B. The version in the YouTube clip is not the same as the one now officially released


16 Comments to “Release: M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix)”

  • hehehehohao!

  • Amazing one, prefer Alcala’s remix though.

  • Prydz is such a boss, I don’t recall ever having heard a bad or average track from him!

  • Its impressive that Eric approved of having one of his tunes on spotify. Epic tune!

  • @Eric Beijner: The track is released on M83 Recordings. I dont think Eric’s in charge.

  • I cant access it. Territory restrictive

  • the best what dance music has to offer

  • Booshay: I’m assuming you’re trying to access from USA or Canada? Try Spotify.

  • So nice that this got released!

  • Sucks that I can’t purchase it in the US.

  • Really good!!

  • Gorgious!

  • Just gotta put a word our for another great unofficial remix from my friend:

    Check it out


  • Original is better

  • I haven’t been able to hear the official remix cause of territory restrictions.
    Can someone tell me, is it noticeably different to the Eric Prydz Private remix??

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