Now a global beacon for the rock and roll era of Electronic Dance music, the original Dutch super DJ Tiësto has made more universal landmark moments than any of his contemporaries. Documenting the non-stop lifestyle of the globe’s most sought after live electronic asset, his ”In The Booth” documentary series has given fans and industry peers alike an invaluable insight into the makings of a legacy far greater than anyone could have anticipated.

For this eighth episode then, Tiësto arrives in New York, USA just in time for the star-studded fashion week, giving exclusive insight into Tijs Verwest’s own thoughts on his new clothes line ahead of an intense show at Provocateur. Watch tour manager Kelly Cobb run on the streets of New York to get himself a new mobile phone before the Electric Zoo Festival, Tiësto inviting a bunch of DJ buddies to a pizza buffet as well as the Dutch superstar’s humble opinion on being on the cover of Billboard magazine.

Part 8 of 10

/Anton & Dan Carter

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