Parisian House pundit Tristan Garner is a dark horse where his studio output is concerned. With substantial eloquence, his overnight emergence has procured some of the industry’s most potent offerings and with definitive Norman Doray collaboration ‘Last Forever’ sealing the deal in his international expansion, his studio offerings have proven a femme fatale amid a genre often rife with predictable movements.

Driving firm Electro leads through his distinctly dark and grainy canvas of stern House grooves, Punx plays out with the dexterity of a possessed Daft Punk cut for the modern industry. Making the genre his own for this enigmatic nod to the sound that changed the game for France and ultimately, the world, Garner doesn’t just replicate, but innovates in the face of dutiful gratitude.

Tristan Garner – Punx [Xtra Life Records] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

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    Proud to be French :)

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  • 0:00 0:16 Daft Punk

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  • There was a re-issue that came out in the late 80s on Classy Records from Boston that didn’t have We’re An American Band. I think some of the guys from The F.U.’s might have had something to do with the label which I bevliee also put out a record by The Hellcats From Outer Space which was dudes from Jerry’s Kids and Wrecking Crew (Al Quint would know for sure). That’s probably what you have. If not, I’m at a loss as I don’t think that record ever got booted and if it did it wouldn’t have come out until later. I was in Boston around then (late 80s / early 90s) and lemme tell you, the people who gave a shit about The F.U.’s or Jerry’s Kids were pretty few and far between. SSD and DYS were the ones the younger generation of hardcore kids talked about in hushed tones as the whole Youth Crew straight edge cult kept their name alive.

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