Where Refune’s most stentorian offering to date beckoned a timeless vocal line, the well-oiled duo return for 2012 with the answer to our prayers. Still rich in its galvanizing properties, ‘Calling (Lose My Mind)’ gives the original summer anthem an extended shelf life courtesy of a perfectly pitched injection of seamlessly emotive male vocal harmonies from One Republic’s Ryan Tedder in his triumphant return to the realms of vocal EDM. For those who craved a vocal cut or simply missed it first time around, this standard-setting collaboration is sure to do the rounds once again and make even more unforgettable movements for European Dance Music.

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder – Calling (Lose My Mind) [Refune Records / Universal Music] – iTunes Link
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Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder – Calling (Lose My Mind)

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Seriously, this is the end of house music……

  • Will definately go home with the mainstream crowd, which i guess is it’s soul purpose.

  • Would be fun to see the reactions of people if you started posting tracks without names instead. I bet, then you would see the REAL reactions.

    I quite like it, but i prefer the mashup with i found u acapella

  • Love the blue color.. and btw nice track

  • when is the USA release?!

  • Rich Sobeck: It’s released worldwide on Beatport next week.

  • The song became so gay

  • Only good thing about this re-release is the blue cover :D

  • And that my friends, is how you bullshit writing about a horrible track. I’m a huge fan of BeatMyDay’s writers and their style (there really is no competition in terms of talent), but I think you guys need to be a more honest and personal with how you actually feel about the track. If anything, Calling no longer retains its galvanizing properties but rather gains a radio-friendly atmosphere that has the ultimate cheesy factor to bring newcomers into progressive. I definitely agree with your point of extending Calling’s shelf-life, but it seems like they just threw on a pair of vocals that they thought would sell and not really think about how it would fit with the actual track. Let’s be real, this is something that Disney would throw on one of their soundtracks. EDX’s Love Mashup with Sarah McLeod’s vocals puts this to shame; maybe this track just needs a set of female pipes?

  • DanSTS: Thanks for your feedback. Have been wanting to let the readers/listeners decide for themselves how they feel about the actual tracks instead of causing people to listen to the tracks with an already made-up mind after reading about how we feel about it. This way we remain a site that informs about releases we find good/interesting. Will definitely look into a potential combination of both things though, and possibly throw some more personal opinions in there.

  • The Vocals are so lame to be realistic. Bad,auto tuned vocals. The quality is like some radom pop crap that plays on the radio. Seriously ingtosso and alesso should be ashemed of themselfs to let put this horrible vocals. And house music this yeaar is so much popular than ever before! You see in every youtube video..top 10 House tracks. Or hi im a new producer.etc. Why you decrease the quality of your tracks to get recognition?If you put nice vocals i wouldnt complain….The best vocals i’ve Heard is a version played by afrojack using ”Louder than words acapella” but i cant find this mashup neither the accapella.

  • @Vitor, yeah, because the vocals of ”Louder Than Words” aren’t cheesy? ^^

    Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s even close to that bad some of you say it is. ”Calling” has always been a track for the more commercial crowd, but it’s nowhere near being bad. I’m quite sure some of you that don’t like this vocal mix like One Republic. Lets face it, Ryan Tedder’s voice is outstanding and fits good with this track. The intention of this track is obviously to reach a broader audience which necessarily isn’t a bad thing.

    I remain, like ”waah”, a bigger fan of the mashup with the vocals of ”I Found U”, but calling the voice of Ryan Tedder bad is just rubbish.

  • This just sucks.

  • I agree that the vocals are a bit cheesy and yes targeting a mainstream crowd but put yourself in Sebastian Ingrosso’s shoes. Why wouldn’t he want a well known vocalist to lay down vocals that would allow his track to be played on radio stations all over the world and garner him a crowd that he couldn’t access before? The appeal to the mainstream is all a part of the EDM movement taking over, if you don’t like the vocal edit listen to the instrumental but don’t be mad at Ingrosso & Alesso for trying to make their track blow up even more then it has already.

  • Haters gonna hate

  • I’m not mad at Ingrosso & Alesso nor am I trying to be a hater, the vocals just aren’t good for the track. It is possible to make a glorified commercial anthem that actually has good radio-friendly vocals, i.e., ‘Save The Wold’, ‘Take Over Control’, ‘Titanium’, and despite the lack of complexity in the production (Calvin Harris said so himself), Rihanna does a great job in ‘We Found Love’.

  • They could have done so much better with the vocalist, lyrics don’t hit home with the feel of the track at all either -____________- the cover arts kick ass tho lol

  • last i heard the new york times didn’t pay its book reviewers to tell readers to decide for themselves what’s good…..
    you’re a writer and as a writer you’ve taken upon yourself the fact that you think you know music better than most, and judge to have good taste. well then use it, otherwise why should anyone trust your writing over anyone else’s? there’s always industry politics, I understand better than most, but there are times when you have to grow balls and actually rise up to the job you’ve given yourself. you’ll gain more respect in the long run.

  • @natalie: agreed. which is why a lot of people like myself look at BeatMyDay.
    @anton: You guys have great taste in progressive and unbelievable writing style (sometimes a bit too wordy at times), but sometimes I feel like you guys are afraid to negatively critique the track that you are presenting us! People obviously value your opinions and writing, and if they don’t, then that’s what the comment section is for!

  • natalie: You make an excellent point. Thanks for your feedback, will keep this in mind from now on.

    Although, comparing our site to a company that has a budget that exceeds most things is not really a fair comparison. :P You will see a lot more reviews from us in the future along with our development and we will try to stick it in more from time to time this upcoming month as well.

  • Beatmyday obviously cannot feature negative items, because this site lives and breathes on the support of the artist. But I believe that many fans are starting to skip the text because there’s nothing but objective (always positive) remarks in it, while readers read for an opinion to relate or disagree.

    I myself wrote for Upcomingsoon, but the restrictions of objectivity where too much after a while. I still follow Beat My Day because your information is valid and your scoops the fastest, but It’s rare I read something on Beatmyday, or any house site for that matter, that I didn’t know already.

    Maybe BMD will grow big enough to allow columns or some more subjectivity, but for now people must understand that it needs post like this to keep growing. Do yo

  • * Do you think the NY Times grew so big with throwing honest and negative remarks in the world? Of course not.

  • Aaahhh so tired of hearing people complaining about stuff like ”ohh the vocals destroyed it”, ”no this track became so lame now” etc etc… There is an instrumental version of it, stop complaining and listen to that instead if you like it more! There’s really no need to complain. They made a EDM-track for houselovers and now they made it more mainstream to reach a broader crowd, what’s wrong with that. They satisfy both audiences.

    These guys behind this track are musicians that have reached a big audience because they are good at what they do, don’t mean that you have to like it, but you don’t get big if you’re not talented. Ryan Tedder is one of the most talented writers/producers/singers we have today, just look at his earlier achievements, so I doubt that his vocal-job on this track is seemed ”bad” from other talented musicians… So it’s even lamer to say stuff like ”the vocal doesn’t fit”, ”the quality is bad” etc. If you don’t like it don’t do it, but please stop giving artistical tips…

    Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso have created an amazing track, that in my opinion, is one of the biggest anthems in 2011 and still is. Makes you happy just listening to it. Now they have put on vocals and done an amazing job with that too. Love it!

  • one word for this track: backstreetboys

  • @jura
    new york times grew to be so big because they were accurate and most intelligent…if they weren’t and people picked up books that were actually crap, no one would be reading that section of the NYTimes today.

    Artists ego have also to be a little deflated. with this huge rise in popularity esp in progressive, artists think they are untouchable and that they shit gold. you are young and you are not all around so experienced so criticism in fact should be WELCOME from the people who know their music. that is the way you improve. and don’t say you’re already good because until you have 25 years under your belt like hawtin or dubfire, honey you are just a chickadee. sure you may have potential or talent, but both those have to be developed.

    i have producer who i’ve critiqued strongly in their work and because of that they turn to me the moment they have new work. an honest good critique is worth gold because then you can make your track better. I am a graphic designer myself and I have to sit through critiques. not always the most pleasant to hear but has definitely improved my work. so [constructively] critique away!

  • For BMD to start criticizing Artists is complete suicide. If they start badmouthing artists productions they will lose rights to exclusive previews and interviews.

    The only way to do it is if BMD had a separate person who writes ”Opinion pieces” that doesnt reflect the opinions of BMD. Even then that would be negative for the website.

    With that said, I would love to see it.

  • @dave
    Freedom of opinion. I don’t need to explain this further to you I guess.

  • Natalie is off the boil.
    They PRESENT the track.
    YOU the reader, the listener, decide whether or not you like it.

    BMD is amazingly well run, keep up the good work. <3

  • haters gonna hate

  • i think this track gives chills and goosebumps with ryan’s vocals. its different than the original and thats what they were going for. at first i didnt like it at all, thought it was rough and too loud of vocals for the prog instrumental, but now i think its a job well done by the swedes!

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