Fresh off the mark from tearing up the stateside Cosmic Opera show, German studio sharpshooter Deniz Koyu joins the ranks of Atlantic offshoot Big Beat with a formidable landmark release in the form of ‘Follow You’. Calling upon inaugurated Dance/Pop princess Wynter Gordon to don her suitably divine vocal stylings to an outstanding canvas of scattered melodic leads and formidable synth work, there is a sense of ascendency in this well orchestrated outing. Powering through a considerably fresh take on Europe’s most in demand sound with little sense of losing that boyish charm that has followed him from the outset, Koyu proves himself a force apart from the crowd with this standout offering from yet another crucial contender amid the European House explosion.

‘Follow You’ is released on April 17th via Big Beat Records.

Words by Dan Carter

10 Comments to “Live Preview: Deniz Koyu feat. Wynter Gordon – Follow You [Big Beat]”

  • Amazing vocal work in second break …

  • grymt goooo

  • verkar som de börjar bli föör mycket cheese nu bland många av de man respekterar..Koyu har gjort en hel del tunga tracks, bara hoppas han inte tar cheesevägen i framtiden :P

  • @shoo, det är stor skillnad på cheese och kvalitet. Detta är det senare. Jag tycker Deniz Koyu är läskigt bra och han visar återigen varför

  • wow beautiful melody + Koyu power

  • Not comparable to Hertz and Hydra imo.
    Still nice Koyu production

  • Riktigt braaao!

  • ”tearing up the stateside Cosmic Opera show”

    Really?!?! He was terrible at the CO… well, really the whole night was a rip off. But the song is still good.

  • lol have we been to different New Yorks? he was fucking amazing!! I remember that insane remix of Cinema but I cant find it anywhere :( (((( does anyone know it??
    and great song by the way :D

  • @Amy

    It wasn’t a Cinema remix, it was a mashup with Fedde Le Grand – Control Room. As for his Cosmic Opera performance I thought he did well just tired out the crowd a little to quickly, again just my opinion :D

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