Dubbed as the top selling vinyl release of 2010, NYC House moguls Morgan Geist and Damon C. Scott, better known as Storm Queen, have mustered a significant dose of affection for the meticulous ‘Look Right Through’. But such a landmark outing of Disco infused House begged a worthy spur of worthy remixers. Scoring high in part one of the remix package, likeminded Belgian Nu Disco enthusiast Aeroplane was first in line to prove himself well worth an extension of this modern classic . With an energetic yet distinctly ornamented remodel of considerable melodic resonance, his systematic calm is a positive shade to this apt downtime transition.

Recently inaugurated Defected House Master Marc Kinchen may now be the stuff of legend, but his mark on Geist and Scott’s eclectic anthem amid part two of the remix package is a chic take on his own old school legacy. Turning far groovier tides of rhythmic prescision with a solid backbone of that vintage energy that played as the soundtrack to his ascent, there is little to fault in these worthy remodels of a song that is proving a hard one to shake off the club circuit.

Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Aeroplane Remix) [Defected] – Beatport Link
Storm Queen – Look Right Through (MK Don’t Talk To Me Dub Mix) [Defected] – Beatport Link

Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Aeroplane Remix)
Storm Queen – Look Right Through (MK Don’t Talk To Me Dub Mix)

Words by Dan Carter

3 Comments to “Release: Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Aeroplane + MK Remixes)”

  • The best remix! HQ up in this queen!

  • great to see this getting some support!

    Why is the Jamie Jones remix not included though? Best remix of the package imo!


  • I was taken by the James Jones remix at first, but both of these remixes are better than that one if you ask me. I find the JJ remix to be a bit overrated and only getting the attention because JJ is an amazing producer. Disappointed on the JJ remix, but really really fond of this Aeroplane one.

    Then we have Marc Kinchen, who never disappoints. Big up for posting this!

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