A sold-out show was turned to chaos tonight when a VIP platform collapsed at Stockholm’s Globe Arena during the opening song of Swedish superstar Avicii.

One fan was* clinging for life and officials have said that countless others are currently being treated for injuries following the incident, which saw more than 30 people plummet around four-metres to the ground.

Tim Bergling had just taken to the stage, opening with universal anthem ‘Levels’ for his first of three performances at the Globe Arena.

We watched from five-metres away in shock as fans as young as thirteen clung to railings opposite while others struggled to grab hold of their friends and loved ones as the Swede opened with his universal anthem ‘Levels’. Panic then ensued as security guards attempted to make sense of the commotion, though due to the nature of the event it was not immediately apparent what was going on amid the screaming and shoving.

Having already attempted to put barriers up in the area prior to the incident, the guards were able to take control of the situation and evacuate the platform without any further casualties, promptly closing all of the VIP platforms and diverting attendees to safety. The show then rightly continued in order to prevent any order panic.

We send our deepest regards and condolences to those involved and affected by this incident and sincerely hope that there are no fatalities.

*Update: Just confirmed that the critically injured girl is alive and well, and everyone involved will be okay.

What you can see in the video below occurred following notable commotion and screaming from the area.

0:00 – Avicii – Levels starts
1:21 – Footage around 10-20 seconds after the collapse showing the guards that already ahead of the incident were on site attempting to seperate the crowdy area with the assistance of barriers.
1:48 – David Guetta & Avicii – Sunshine w/ Florence & The Machine – Spectrum (Acappella) starts

The scheduled evening show for 18+ was cancelled but Saturday’s show is still on. Those with tickets for the second show on Friday night should stick with their tickets as a new show will be planned to make up for this.

For full re-cap of the night, click here.

Words by Dan Carter

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