For an act loosely named after a dated recording implement, Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer have established themselves as the modern saviours of Electro House’s overcrowded realms. Now part of the At Night group alongside Tim Bergling, their remix credentials for the likes of David Guetta and Avicii’s ‘Levels’ have seen them scale Europe with their heavy handed floor play and an outstanding appetite to engage every avenue of Electronic music imaginable in the process.

For their latest endeavour, a seemingly rare original on the young duos behalf, Cazzette stray from the familiar Progressive backdrop of their Swedish peers and lay out a tactical rampage of hard hitting Electro House with gritty yet focussed determination not to be cast of as a yet another wobbling House act aching to echo that of Wolfgang Gartner. Lacing their intricate synth work into a devastating romp of violent beats and moody leads, their tightly woven studio outing marks a special chapter in what promises to be a special year for yet another dream team from the loins of Sweden’s Electronic elite.

‘Make Some Room’ is due to be released soon, below is a taste that also features the vocals of ‘Technologic.

CAZZETTE – Make Some Room vs Technologic (CZT’s Astounding & Standing High Bootleg)

Words by Dan Carter

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    Riktigt bra tror verkligen på dom här grabbarna!

  • Riktigt bra tror verkligen på dom här grabbarna!

  • They played this at AVICII last saturday??

  • cazzete is killing it!

  • I just looked through the Cazzette bootlegs and started wondering why they always name their bootlegs so weird.

    That’s when I noticed it. (CZT’s [A]stounding & [S]tanding [H]igh Bootleg) The letters form ASH wich is their manager. This seems to be the case with every bootleg they have done.

    Killmode vs Right Here Right Now (CZT’s A Soccer Hurdle BOOTLEG)
    Believe It (Cazzette’s Androids Sound Hot Remix)
    Titanium Feat. Sia (Cazzette’s Ant Seeking Hamster Mix)
    Set The Fire to the Rain (A Stupid Hole Bootleg)

    Killmode vs Right Here Right Now (CZT’s ASH BOOTLEG)
    Believe It (Cazzette’s ASH Remix)
    Titanium Feat. Sia (Cazzette’s ASH Mix)
    Set The Fire to the Rain (ASH Bootleg)

    You heard it here first.

  • I am a wizard:


  • Just me getting tired of the daft vocal? great other than that!

  • This is sooo inspired by Metallica’s Enter Sandman.
    But that’s OK, sounds kinda nice. I prefer Hervé’s Enter Sandman Bootleg over this though.

  • @ I am a wizard:

    Haha you fucking genious. Never would’ve come to that conclusion myself. I’m pretty sure it’s because Ash probably is behind more or less every production they make. As with Avicii. Awesomeness however!

  • @I am a wizard

    You are the BOSS, Haha ”you herd it her first”

  • @I am a wizard:

    Hahaha, nice one!

  • This is soo sick

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