Netherlands newcomer Dannic, formerly known as DJ Funkadelic, has proven a formative favourite to rising hometown peer Hardwell’s Revealed imprint. First premiered at Copenhagen’s Sensation White by Hardwell himself last year, the final edit of their latest collaboration ‘Kontiki’ diverts some positive attention from the predictable realms of Dutch House upon two young contenders of a particularly meticulous calibre. Rife with euphoric melody and enigmatic synth-work, there is something inherently hallmark in the collective efforts of these long time industry peers. Where Hardwell’s accession to the ranks of DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ’s was an untimely victory for nation and industry alike, his sustained interest and increasingly impressive alliances alongside Dannic indicate that this is a Dutch producer of immaculate potential.

‘Kontiki’ is released soon via Revealed Recordings.

Words by Dan Carter

17 Comments to “Preview: Hardwell & Dannic – Kontiki [Revealed]”

  • Wow, love it!!

  • skrämmande bra

  • noo, they ruined the molody ! version from Sensation White is way better! :/


  • i like it ! always love the buildup before drop.

  • Awsome, have to agree with Juan though that the melody was more interesting and special @Sensation

  • wow this was not good at all imo, he uses the same synths all the time in every track he makes and the melo sounds very noobish…I dont get it when these guys play just some random chords with a supersaw and it sucks balls..If you wanna do big chords like this they have to at least be phat, look at arty who is doing it right =)

    A melo like in this song is a perfect example of a melo you throw away because it isnt good enough when you make a track. Well I see that I come of kinda harsh, but I really wanna see some more creativity among the top tiers..At least good melos if you are doing something like this =/

  • FREEEEE i agree with you.


    Yep, my first thought was Cobra2 as well.

    Even though, the common house fan won’t notice so it will probably work vey well at clubs & festivals – and with the video its actually pretty catchy. Made me almost do the Steve Angello-finger without noticing.

  • I have to say that Hardwell his tracks are way better sounding than Arty his tracks imo. Love hardwell his work. he’s the best progressive producer with the best buildups.

  • thomas

    haha wow, you say hardwell is better than arty..*facepalm*

    that is like saying t-pain is greater than michael jackson

  • the first version of sensation was really better… but its still a good track!

  • What is the Steve Angello-finger? :P
    Nice track but I agree that the synth is a bit dull and worn-out

  • ”he’s the best progressive producer with the best buildups.”

    Hahaha, very very funny guy !

    I hope he’ll release his version from Sensation White … :/

  • The song is good , but the build up ? Oh shiiiiit ! Amazing !

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