Building on the positive union that brought us the untimely mainstream crossover anthem ‘Wild One Two’, universally acclaimed stadium-filler David Guetta joins esteemed Dutch newcomer Nicky Romero for round two of this old school / new school collaborative affair. In the dark yet melodically tuned outset of its heavy dynamics, the track strays from the more typical realms of the previous Sia infused vocal stronghold. Placing anthemic chords and rapid synths upon the backbone of this eclectic club outing, their second coming makes for a far more organic injection of illustrious club fuel. Already buzz charted and conjuring significant attention on the live club circuit, Guetta and Romero have done it again, sealing themselves a solid collaborative sequel of uninhibited energy.

‘Metropolis’ is released on April 11th via Jackback Recordings.

David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis

Words by Dan Carter

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  • It reminds me Michael calfan – Resurrection?, except for the lead sound

  • ok this is the Guetta version of Resurrection lol , he just needs to stop . I give respect to Nicky tho !

  • …Michael Calfan – Resurrection? Same feel, except for the lead sound.

  • poor nicky, he doesn’t know what to do with his hands…

    sucks that they cant produce something fresh :/

  • It reminds me really much of Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell’s Recut Club Version)…
    TOO much..

  • Oh god why…

  • Sounds a lot like ” Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell’s Recut Club Version)”
    Michael Calfan should be proud because two major names like Nicky Romero and David Guetta were inspired by him Riff in the track and that distorsion effect sounds so much Michael Calfan :)

    anyway, great tune !

  • Guetta should really stop djing !! Nicky Romero with Avicii is so much better !
    BTW sound a lots to resurection.. DISLIKE !

  • disappointined really… Sounds just like Resurrection but this one’s deff much more boring than Resurrection. Two big and hot producers like Guetta & Romero should come up with something new, unique and beautiful song, and this song is faaaaaaar from that.. :/

  • After copying Lunar, they copied Resurrection, well what a great imaginative team we have there…

    At least the copy of Lunar sounds a little better than this piece of … I don’t know what :

  • …. Michael Calfan Vs David Guetta & Nicky Romero – ResuTROPOLIS

  • Seriously, it’s known that its very remindful of resurrection.. dont need to repeat it 15 times. i think most commentators here focus on the wrong things. Instead of judging the quality and sound of the track itself, you work your ass off to find a song it’s similar to. (not speaking of this case since it’s already quite obvious but in general)

    it’s very similar to resurrection, so what? its still a great track. i feel you should start actually judging the track from the actual production. who cares if they sampled 500 different tracks. at the end of the day, all it comes down to is if the track is good or not. not if it’s reminiscent of another track or not. it seems as if most people actually expect every new track to be ground-breaking and a whole new genre. the chances of that happening 15 times a day are ridiculously low. face the fact, you cant come up with new genres every time.

  • prosiit

    it is a big difference between not being ground-breaking and copying a whole track idea..

    And that square synth over the mainriff is just so random lol..The build up before the actual drop is exactly like in resurecction as well.. that pithched thing in the same rhytm..

    The other remix they did was pretty good, or the wild one track nicky did with someone (since it isnt guetta who makes his tracks im not sure who nicky colabbed with to make wild ones)

    Hope all the best for nicky in the future..But please these toptiers really need to be more careful with their releases, release things more unoften than putting out garbage all the time..Look at axwell, he doesnt release so much stuff but when he do it is smashing!
    But nicky is a good producer anyways, but this track wasnt good, how cant he hear that it is a resurecction copy =/ =/ =/

  • I’m starting to wonder if David just does this to piss SHM off .. haha! He’s copy everything from them, as individuals and as a group.

  • @ prosiit

    cool essay bro, shame it doesnt make any sense. get some musical education please

  • @ Sille :

    Resurrection isn’t from Axwell,but from Michael Calfan !

    Otherwise, are you sure that this is the correct title ?

    Isn’t this one called ”Encore” et the second track ( similary to Lunar ) Metropolis ?

  • @mm, you obviously need to improve your reading skills.. What I was getting at was that it can still be a good track even though it’s similar to another track.

    My meaning in regards of the ground-breaking part was more a general thing as if it’s not a ”copy” of something, it’s ”sounding like everything else out there”. Get my point? Most people’s expectations are that every release out from producers should be ground-breaking which is, needless to say, mission impossible (and without tom cruise saving the day this time).

  • prosiit
    ah I get you then, just skimmed through the text quickly, but imo there is no great track if it is a copy ;o) .. another example is bastos tracks where he completly copies avicii.

    instead of just saying that it doesnt make any sense, tell me why it doesnt make any sense..Because right now you dont have any arguments, so feel free to fill in the missing picture :)

  • @Ruben, for your information, I’m quite sure I’m more educated about music than you are. I’m guessing you’re one of those ”cool” underground dudes, considering your comments. I’m so sick and tired of people who think it’s so cool to be underground. Incorrect, it is ”cool” to actually judge a track by how it sounds, not by the artist, not by the label and most certainly not by if it’s similar to another track or not. Don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely love guys like Luciano, Steve Lawler, Subb-An and more but that doesn’t have to mean I ONLY love deep stuff.

    Production and sound wise, this track is very good. Creative or not is a completely different question.

    The funniest thing of all is that most of the people hating on Guetta are probably even listening to this kind of music thanks to him. Whether you like it or not, he’s been THE pioneer as far as house music (all you ”cool” underground dudes, feel free to hate and point out what ”real” house music is. As we don’t know already..) is concerned. It is thanks to him people like Swedish House Mafia, Alesso or whoever are even in business. You get the point.

    Anyway, it doesn’t take a musical genius to figure out that hate is what drives people today. Again, this is more a general view on things as they are today, not only on this particular comment field. As soon as something bad about a track is open for discussion, there are few that hesitate before jumping on the bandwagon. But when there’s something good about the track, there are far less people there to point it ou.

    Less hate, more love. Please.

    Also, I don’t disagree that this is highly unethical. What I’m getting at is that you waste your time comparing tracks to each other instead of enjoying and judging the actual tracks themselves.

  • wow ruben I thought you refered to me in the beginning but you were talked to prosit my bad.

    yes of course guetta has ”done” much..But he is just a face outwards, he hasnt done much..Sure I like many of guettas tracks but he is no producer himself, you can check up the truth with joachim garraud and tocadisco if you dont know the story..Adrian lux even confirmed this info in an other interview as well, that guetta doesnt produce his own stuff…So the team behind guettas face has done stuff, not guetta :)

    I dont agree with you that this is a very good produced track, Im a producer and a Musician myself, please relisten to the track :)

    Its not about less hate more love. Sure we all want a world with peace…But how you express yourself I guess you steal a lot of tracks yourself then and say to people to not judge you by that it sound like another track ^^

  • Come on guys, it just the same rhytm… nothing else.. Resurrection was nice, this i nice. Why throwing such nice melody away, just cause it sound a little similar.. its all about the feeling :P

  • @mm, that Guetta doesn’t produce himself is no secret. You can see exactly who produced his latest album on Wikipedia –

    By Guetta has done much, I obviously mean that he as an artist has done much for house music, whether he produces or not doesn’t really matter.

    This track itself is well produced and very well mixed. Well, everyone is a producer nowadays.. Are you seriously telling me this is a low-quality production? lol.

    So in order to voice my opinion about that people should spend less time on hating and more on loving, I have to be a producer that steals other’s productions? You didn’t really think that one through, did you?

  • @ prosiit

    this is not about ‘being underground’, don’t go down that road . Yes I like ‘deep’ stuff better, because the lack of quality in productions lately annoys the hell outta me and this ‘progressive house scene’ is losing my interest.

    I just feel to see how you can possibly say this is a quality production when its obvious that’s it a direct ripoff(like said before etc etc). It has no vibe, no feeling, just a totally random mario sound with the resurrection.

    Quality is about creating, not reproducing.

  • wow watsup with my spelling. unreadable post.

    i fail to see*
    mario sound in the lead* with the resurrection riff and distortion

  • haha that so funny..I was thinking the exact same thing as everyone else! After listening to the track I immediately thought Resurrection and then I click the ”Comments” link and the first comment is ”It reminds me Michael calfan – Resurrection?, except for the lead sound”

  • Nice pic in front of the You’re Not In Kansas Anymore artwork at MarqueeLV

  • Is this a JOKE?

  • Den ”wooooAAWw WOOAAAW”-grejen i början av previewn är rätt cool, typ exakt så Afrojack gjorde i ”Can’t Stop Me Now”…

  • @Ruben, I agree with you there.

    But again, what I’ve been getting at from the very beginning and the whole point of my comments is that I hate seeing so many hate comments on a track while a track that people fail to find any flaws in get zero positive response.

    If one is to hate on something, atleast do it all the way and love on something as well. I guess that’ll never happen though since hating is soooo interesting for most people while actually posting a positive comment once in a while is totally out of the question.

    For the record, you can’t argue with the fact that this is a good production. Well aware that it has the same style as resurrection but what I meant was that the production itself is good, understand?

  • I understand where you’re coming from, I just simply disagree;)

  • @Prosit:

    The 20:07 post you did – couldn’t agree more.

  • Yes, sounds like resurrection… but do I care? No. I liked resurrection, and this is banging stuff.

    Big thumb up for Guetta & Romero! Especially Nicky, whom I have started to see an big interest in since the first time I heard Toulouse. That guy never seems to let u down with his productions!

  • If you need a good playlist to party to, here’s one with a lot of progressive house:

  • Think I’ve heard this one before… wait a minute…

  • sounds like micael calfan – resurrection

  • @Prostit To break the combo I post here because I think it does sound like Resurrection, but is way better at the same time. Resurecction isn’t original either, it captures a pretty basic and classic house sound, so you will probably find lots of tracks similar to the Axtone variant.

  • toulouse + resurrection = Metropolos…WHACK!

  • toulouse + resurrection = Metropolis…WHACK!

  • toulouse + resurrection = Metropolis…

  • Wtf is this. Sounds like an early stage of production for Resurrection. Guetta has zero originality left.

  • i just don’t get why people like nicky whack copycat unoriginal shit…

  • It’s one thing for an up and comer who doesn’t have as much access to original sounds or have the initial ability to manufacture sounds to sample things. But for a ”legendary” producer and current ”1″ dj to do it…SMH. All I hear is tommy trash/romero style baseline and michael calfan – ressurection riff. I think Eric Prydz has done much more for house music than guetta can even dream. Take the beats by dre off and quit sampling hit songs if you want to impress me. Makes me laugh even more that he was voted #1. Armins set made 90% of the mainstage sets I saw look like amateur hour. Hardwell & Laidback Luke were good too tho.

  • WoW exellent remix of resurrection…….

  • So much haters… jesus christ. Doesn’t even sound like Micael Calfan – Resurrection.

    Go listen to it again, and you will hear.

  • Its finally released on the 11th of April

  • So, I asked some time ago on twitter what was JackBack, Nicky said it was a project name for him and Guetta, it means JackBack Recordings it’s not only Guetta’s label, it’s Nicky’s new label too.

  • For those who can’t wait:

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