Say what you will about The Ting Tings, but they have certainly set up some quality remix opportunities. French House enthusiasts Tom Morgan and James Thomas take upon the task of injecting a little vintage love into ‘Hang It Up’ under the guise of their Vanguard moniker. Omitting the pop rock fundamentality of the infectious original, the rising Welsh outfit’s diligent 80’s take will be music to the ears of those missing the influential attributes of Daft Punk. Lacing eclectic synthesiser movements into the solid groove induced core of their affirmative remodel, a little old school attribute is enough to send this otherwise uninspiring track into the ranks of nostalgic set piece for a style of music now lost amid EDM’s more oversubscribed sub-genres.

The Ting Tings – Hang It Up (Vanguard Remix) [Sony Music] – iTunes Link

Words by Dan Carter

6 Comments to “Release: The Ting Tings – Hang It Up (Vanguard Remix) [Sony]”

  • humm,.. I like this. =)

  • Loving anything Vanguard. Good post!

  • The vocal was a bit too much, but the instrumental is awesome!

  • amazing!

  • Im excited to hear Sounds from Nowheresville on Tuesday! Nice remix btw!

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