Where Swedish fuzz-masters Dada Life have proven an inseparable force in unmistakable Electro House, formative newcomers of the At Night accreditation Cazzette have proven a gritty addition to the countries heavy-stepping Electronic entourage. Taking on the boisterous yet inherently tamer realms of the duos latest endeavour ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’, their extension of the bullish genre is a loud wake-up call to the nations more predictable soundscopes. Their brash outing of scatty Electro House riffage and dotted melodic play is a simple yet overtly powerful take on the already notorious vocal cut that is proving to hold undeniably anthemic values. Building on the hype of their previous remix duties for Avicii and David Guetta alike, this Musical Freedom approved cut will shape itself to be a favourite amid Dada Life’s forthcoming compilation for the infamous imprint of Tiësto.

The Cazzette remix of ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’ will be released on March 20th via Musical Freedom.

Dada Life – Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Cazzette Remix)

Updated sample

Words by Dan Carter

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  • awesome

  • Dada Life – Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Cazzette Approaching Starry Homes Mix)


  • Better then the original!

  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS, ville så gärna ha en fet version av denna låt, vocalsen är helt awesome, men droppet i originalen var lite njaa.. DENNA ÄR JU FEEEEEEEET!

  • kan dom ge sig med sina jävla ”Cazzette ”något helt jävla onödigt” remix

  • im in love with lazer music :)

  • BOMB

  • boner

  • One of the best drops i’ve ever heard, no doubt!

  • @Stefan

    It has something to do with their manager Ash.

    (A)pproaching (S)tarry (H)omes

  • !!

  • and when is the orginal track being released ?

  • Tobbe: Date is still to be announced for the original. Will let you know.

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