Dutifully enlisted in the elite of Europe’s prime Progressive House onslaught, Germany’s crucial dance floor detonator Thomas Gold is no man of half measures. Now a globetrotting force within Electronic Dance music, his output alongside Dirty South and further Beatport-thrashing solo outings indicate that where hype surrounded him at the outset of 2011, it was well deserved.

Rife with masterful key work and sedated strings, the apex of Gold’s Axtone romp evokes the familiar stamina of the masterful Berlin producer’s heavy-footed dominion of big beat action. Leading by example rather than repetition, ‘Sing2Me’ is an anthem sure to prove sweet to the ears of anyone sceptical of the European output and undoubtedly set to thrill those already sold on the tenacious German’s knack for anthemic offerings.

‘Sing2Me’ will be released on March 26th via Axtone Records, as announced by Thomas Gold himself, ahead of his own compilation for the imprint of Axwell.

Words by Dan Carter

24 Comments to “Preview: Thomas Gold – Sing2Me [Axtone]”

  • FINALLY! This guy makes me proud to be german!

  • FINALLY! This guy makes me proud to be german!! :D

  • This is an ANIMAL!!!

  • I also heard him announce the release date on Sirius xm, so excited for the release!

  • WHAT ! AHH ! March 26 is gonna be crazy, Atom and Sing2Me?! Size vs Axtone !

  • Thomas really knows how to put a wonderful feeling into his tracks! Amazing one!

  • the suun is gonna keep on shiniing :) )

  • Track of the year without doubts

  • ”monday” synth

  • This dude killed it at Cosmic Opera. Check out the new trailer video for the event it’s going to be intense http://youtu.be/w7EDARjGa3Q

  • Anton: is the vocal mix of kick out the epic motherfucker also released on march 12th?

  • T O T Y yes but this has been played out for a loooooong time now, no so excited to be honest.

  • zzz: It is :)

  • This tune is totally awesome!

  • Ya left out Dirty South on the title, isn’t it?? Read Thomas Gold’s post on FB, it was a collabs with Dirty South though…

  • sounding kinda good right now, want to here the final version though :) ..But im not sure about the bassline, it souns a bit offkey or perhaps on the wrong note in the scale? =/

    other than that it is phat

  • Bryan: No, it’s not.. The interview was about his collaborations with Dirty South AND his upcoming single ‘Sing2Me’

  • This is just.. great. just great.

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  • thomas gold is king !

  • omg.. the artwork.. gives me CHILLS!

  • BADASS artwork

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