Swedish Indie-Pop spectacle Miike Snow have not been left out of their country’s rich Electronic resurgence, as aptly proven with the formidable array of remixers at hand for their latest release ‘Paddling Out’. Never one to bow to weights of pop-induced pressure, American Electo monger Wolfgang Gartner is as on-task as always for his own remodel of ‘Paddling out’. Drawing on vintage keys and rising melodics from the outset, his low-end orientated romp may not carry the hallmarks of his usual Electro tinged output, but its vicious energy is a worthy addition to this package. At a time where his craft has never been more popular, its seamless integration into the realms of Pop music make for promising noise for Electronic music and its universal capabilities.

Miike Snow – Paddling Out (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) [Sony Music] – iTunes Link
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Miike Snow – Paddling Out (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

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  • This is growing on me. Didnt like it at all first but now i quite like it. Gartner is an amazing producer

  • I love it!

  • Wolfgang Gartner is definitely american and not Canadian. Great track though.

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