Comfortably poised as one of Holland’s most prolific Electronic artists to date, Fedde Le Grand has remained well and truly at large where House music is concerned. Already established as key players on the international circuit, Sweden’s Johan Wedel and German producer Deniz Koyu, donning a noteworthy amount of steam to this forthcoming Flamingo release, have seen a positive influx of attention from the international House scene, using their hard-hitting remode of James Blunt’s ‘Dangerous‘ as a positive nod towards the diverse potential of their collaborative efforts as Europe’s latest promising House explosion.

In a tough yet melodic outing of rising Progressive House and chugging synth leads, the European trio find themselves well in their element with an intense take on a genre that Le Grand has not only mastered, but set the standard to an all-time-high for. From the subtle melodic stylings right through to its launch into floor fuelled leads, whoever said too many chefs spoils the broth evidently never sampled such poised studio talents as collected in this latest Flamingo outing. In a promising tip to the rising Swedish and German appendages of this latest collaborative, an injection of fresh talent doesn’t seem to have hurt Fedde in his quest to take the globe by storm courtesy of the fresher ranks of his label’s newly orientated family.

‘Turn It’ will be released on March 19th via Flamingo Recordings.

Update: Official video added

Words by Dan Carter

13 Comments to “Preview: Fedde Le Grand, Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel – Turn It [Flamingo]”

  • 1:16 – Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix)

  • @Jeff, are we listening to the same track?

    Big one!

    I think this is how it went down:
    Vocal loops – Johan wedel
    Break – Fedde le grand
    Drop – Deniz koyu

  • yes!

  • Is it just me or did this track become better when hearing it while watching that video? Final Kid is amazing

  • NICE video!!!

  • Good track, but wasnt this called new day? awesome video too

  • Qwantum: It was first called Turn It, then New Day, and now Turn It again.

  • I really liked the concept of the video clip. The sound is very good too.

  • Like this one, huge as always from these guys..Would really like to hear some more solo stuff from wedel though! =)

  • love the drop

  • @wolle: They changed the soundcloud preview to the video… the timing doesn’t match anymore.

    At 1:16 on the soundcloud, you can clearly hear Fedde Le Grand reused his coldplay remix with few variations.

  • @Jeff, I was also speaking about the soundcloud preview. You don’t know what you’re talking about… Fedde has nothing to do with making that drop. All he did for this track was the breakdown.

  • @wolle : Did or didn’t do the break, that still doesn’t remove the fact that it sounds like paradise (fedde le grand remix) with a higher pitch (1:06+) (1:36+)

    Just compare… and stop saying you don’t know what you are talking about. Keep it cool man.

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