The prior are London’s hottest new Progressive House asset to date, the latter are modern British Electronica’s undisputed masters. Together, there was always going to be a vast degree of hysteria. Alongside diverse duo Cicada’s undeniable legacy at the forefront of the country’s forward thinking Electronic movement, newcomers Third Party have championed the likes of Size Records with back-to-back outings of intense club minded masterpieces.

In the same vein as ‘Duel’ and ‘Release’, Third Party’s momentous take on the infamous vocal sample of ‘Don’t Stare At The Sun’ – once the familiar soundtrack to a Revlon advert – shows little remorse for its ambient origins. Dealing in straight and sharp keys alongside solidly fashioned beat work, the London duo inject that signature energy and floor shaking persuasion into the original’s emotive vocal stylings for an intrepid romp into Dance music’s impassioned present. With forthcoming remodels of Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Otherside’ and Stooshe’s ‘Fuck Me‘ already stirring support from across the industry, these boys are proving to be a powerful and genuinely ingenious force within modern Dance music.

Third Party vs. Cicada – Feel [Size Records] – Beatport Link
Spotify Link

Updated sample

Words by Dan Carter

13 Comments to “Release: Third Party vs. Cicada – Feel [Size]”

  • Woho!

  • great! got the inspiration from Otto*s Million Voices?

  • @ sd


  • @sd

    Third Party’s feel was featured in Tiestos podcast back in May if I’m correct and Million Voices first premiered in Aviciis podcast in August :)

    I’ve been really looking forward for this one but I have to say that they pushed the release to far to live up to its hype, still better than most of the top tens at beatport!

  • What in the actuall fuck went through their mind when they changed the track? The track has lost so much power in the process and the synths sound lame.

    The one featured on Tiestos podcast was about 100 times better.

  • @lolmad +1000

  • Well & lolmad + 1000 indeed,

    Good track even though they´’ve made it worse, should release first version, imo.

  • The first version is imo the best house track Ive heard in both 2011 and 2012.. Why release this version… dammit… Good track tho :)

  • Idiots… they made it worse and it took them more than 1/2 year

  • lol @sd

    top 5 för mej

  • the mix on this version is sooo much better, heard both in full quality ;)

  • Very promising producers, they could grow very fast on the top.
    Always a delight to listen to their track ! Even more after waiting for 10 months :)

    What about their remix of ”Fuck me”, is there any release date ?

  • Truthfully, I the drop on this version is much more epic but it lacks synths and vocals. They fucked up the synths and vocal big time!

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