At Night’s very own Swedish Electro-Stepper’s Cazzette may be proving an apt addition to the stadium crowds these days, but their musical output of heavy-headed club outings remains superlatively impressive. On the back of their recently unveiled remix for Dada Life’s ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’, their return to the original realms steps away from the Dubstep, firmly footing their proud Electro stylings in the process. Elegantly twisted in tone yet melodically refined throughout, the transition from intense middle-end lead work to consistently ornamented chord play is an impressive digression from the wobble-endued output we have seen them latch onto over the past several months. Armed with the ability to transition between two once acquired tastes in Electronic Dance Music, their future remains bright with the hope of well-earned musical salvation for this landmark Swedish House asset.

Cazzette – Hit Da Face

Words by Dan Carter

5 Comments to “Preview: Cazzette – Hit Da Face”

  • Took me a while to figure this track out, haha! Very good!

  • They always impress me. All of their tracks are forward thinking and perhaps even a bit ahead of their time.

  • Do they ever disappoint?!

    I’m speechless

  • I don’t mean to be negative, as i do like this track and respect them. But I don’t like them purely because they’re on Avicii’s label, and so he adjusts his sets to incorporate more of this electro sound. Avicii was much better before he let himself be influenced by the whole dubstep crowd (even though his music isn’t, it’s the same crowd who love Levels) and has just become a fairly generic pop-house act, instead of bringing that new sound he did 2-3 years ago

  • Like that would have something to do with the dubstep thingy you are talking about? :p

    His own tracks and sound would be less innovative and fresch then 2-3 years ago ..

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