Having secured a two week long number one spot on Beatport’s general top 100 in late 2010 with ‘Free Tribe’, not to talk about their highly underrated remix of ‘It’s Our Future‘ from last year, German duo Tube & Berger are back in an equally impressive fashion, taking proceedings to 2000 and One’s 100% Pure imprint for the release of a brand-new two-track EP. Playing on a funky guitar, delightful undertones and a silky smooth vocal line, ‘Soulgood’ and it’s ever so soulful build might be just what it takes for these Germans to line up another chart-topper ahead of the Ibiza season, leaving room for ‘Be Ready’ to play the somewhat chunkier part on this high-end EP. Taking the B-side spot, ‘Be Ready’s bumpy and well-oiled appeal proves there is nothing wrong in obtaining a runner-up spot as long as the calibre is as stated – high.

Tube & Berger – Soulgood / Be Ready [100% Pure] – Beatport Link

Tube & Berger – Soulgood
Tube & Berger – Be Ready


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  • Soulgood <3

  • YES more house and tech house please! Tube & Berger (along with Stefano Noferini and Federico Scavo) are some of my favorites. I mean progressive house is great and all but it’s over-saturated at the moment as hardly anything sounds original anymore to the experienced listener! Prog is still by far my favorite with all the energy and emotion, but I think everyone needs some guidance into tech house!

  • This is soooooo good.

  • Yes!!! This is good

  • oooh, the clouds just disapeared and the sum came out.! Delicious house track. !

  • Totally agree with DanSTS, more of this and less of over saturated progressive house! Big ups to Tube & Berger for quality music!

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