Outside of his role within Sweden’s elite House export, there is something unchallengeable about the consistent force of Axwell and his dignified imprint. Carrying forward the definitive hallmarks now associated with Axtone’s frequently groundbreaking and often replicated sound scope, Swedish Indie Pop peers Miike Snow are on hand with another formidable top line at the mercy of German Progressive force and forthcoming compilation maestro Thomas Gold.

While infectious synth play and distinct drops of intense attitude remain at the heart of this imprint’s perfected craft, their familiar German contributor certainly knows how to cater for a label that is proving something of a comfortable home-from-home to this high-ranking European House perfectionist of impressive peak time persuasion. On the back of forthcoming solo endeavour ‘Sing2Me’ and further international exploits for the tectonic German House asset, his remix of ‘The Wave’ sets the standard for club-minded remix duties to an all time high amid Thomas Gold’s ongoing ascent to universal adoration.

The Thomas Gold remix of ‘The Wave’ will be released soon via Axtone Records.

N.B. Somewhat bad sound quality, but the best quality available at this point. Better recording as we get it.

Words by Dan Carter

18 Comments to “Live Preview: Miike Snow – The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix) [Axtone]”

  • incredible remix. his best remix in a while..

  • sorry for my mistake BMD,i said to anton that it was axwells remix,tnx for cleaing it out . . .hope it will be released with sing2me on 26th . . .:)

  • sounds promesing. btw was Judas the vocal remix ever relesead or leaked?

  • @Majk it was released in USA.

    Anton, I don’t know if you’ll cover this but Kick Out The Epic vocal mix came out either today or yesterday too :)

  • Majk: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/judas-thomas-gold-remix-single/id438611234

    Kayvon: Well aware. I must say though that Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker never needed a vocal and we won’t be posting that vocal mix up.

  • oouuuf beatmyday gör första ställningstagandet mot en låt de inte gilla? :O

  • @Anton, I agree! Just letting you know incase you missed it. Love you guys, keep it up

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1tBOw2207s

    Bättre kvalité. Runt 1.50.

  • Linus: That’s not the Thomas Gold remix of ‘The Wave’? First one is Calvin Harris – Feel So Close w/ Deniz Koyu – Tung! and second is Martin Solveig – The Night Out (A-Trak Remix)

  • What? This wasn’t an Axwell remix? I was 100% sure when I first heard it, the synth at 0:30 is SO Axwell.

  • It really sounds Axwell’s touch. But it still a fuckin nice remix

  • Anton: Ah, sorry. Just read the comments on the video. Didn’t listened carefully.

  • I love axwell, Im working on a new remix right now.

  • fan i helvete vad denna smällde på fmf!!!

  • axtone needs to stop pushing that In My Mind build…its getting really old really fast…

  • my video @ masquerade motel last weekend

  • @Zselic My Video has better quality :D


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