While they may have boasted themselves as Norway’s most anonymous production duo in the past, the support of Sony behind their brand new label endeavour Up North is enough to suggest that Carl Louis and Martin Danielle are no longer as sheltered as they might think. For their CLMD debut, the promising Scandinavian producers attribute their finest melodic intellect to a landmark offering of peacefully charged melodics and keen industrious footsteps. What it lacks in overall production values, ‘Black Eyes & Blue’ retains a solid vibe alongside its impressive emotively charged top line from Norwegian Indie enthusiast Ingrid Håvik. Drawing on the euphoric realms of earlier Progressive House and expanding its melodic canvas with impressive vigour, this may not be their definitive anthem, but Louis and Danielle assemble for a promising nod to the future for their collaborative stylings under this fresh-faced moniker.

‘Black Eyes & Blue’ will be released on March 30th.

CLMD – Black Eyes & Blue

Words by Dan Carter

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  • awesome as always from this duo :)

  • Kaboom!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!


  • GRYMT! Ska lätta droppa den på fredag!

  • GRYMT! Ska lätt droppa den på fredag!

  • Simply love at first sight!

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