Miles Dyson continues to impress with his remarkable knowledge on all things A&R. Responsible for the discovery and upbringing of Mord Fustang among many others, it seems as if Dyson has stumbled across another young talent in Belgium’s Nanophonyk as of late. Following the release of a three-piece EP as his debut on the label in early November of last year, Nanophonyk makes his second release under the banner of one of Plasmapool’s many sub labels – Houserecordings. Flipping from a rather soothing and synth-tinged interlude to vigorous and wobble-endued electro-house, ‘Water Resistant’ represents another triumphant release from another talented youngster for Miles Dyson’s record label group.

Nanophonyk – Water Resistant [Houserecordings] – Beatport Link


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