Mark Knight has always been a man with a great sense for what’s a hit and what’s not. With the timeless remodel of Florence and the Machine’s ‘You’ve Got The Love‘ on his resumé, this Toolroom label head continues to flaunt his immaculate production knack, previewing the second volume of his Bullets EP series which launched last year with ‘Devils Walking’ and ‘Sax’. Where these new Miami- and Ibiza contenders may not hold the same classic elements as the aforementioned remix, both ‘Alright’ and ‘Together’ are as enchanting as they come. With ‘Alright’ leading this EP with a slightly distorted lead, perfectly complemented by a soulful vocal line, the B-side’s ‘Together’ plays the role as an essential poolside tune with it’s exotic appeal. Though Knight may not be a man of great quantity, this new EP plays testament to his take on what it all comes down to in the end – quality.


11 Comments to “Preview: Mark Knight – Bullets EP Volume 2 [Toolroom]”

  • Here we have a guy that most often delivers great tracks. Much better than the new pophouse guys.

  • Alright is huge!

  • Oh, that wonderful Mark Knight sound! Never get tired of it!

  • looking forward to this soooo much!

  • ta mig i braaasan vad bra detta var!!

  • This guy has some seriosu talent. When it comes to tech house he kills it!! idont listen too much techhouse because its hard to find tunres that i like . And im a bit lazy searching over beatport for good tech house.

  • Länge sen man hörde riktig house!

  • This shit is awesome, cant wait!

  • Alright is massive, wow!

  • Mark just can´t disappoint me, incredible stuff.

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