We Recommend Records founder Jan Sulocki can be attributed to carrying a knack for eclectically moulded melodic moments. But sweeping in to take the level-headed Swede’s ‘Nit Nit’ to another dimension, Hong Kong’s Dan Sayuran, better known in the industry as axisONE, is onboard to make a pivotal global connection with the impending Stockholm producer. Bringing something of a sturdy backdrop to Sulocki’s more delicate canvas of prancing synth play, its heavy-set leads and steady chronometric perfection make for a worthy imposition on the impressive original. It may not be lifesaving Electronic music, but as purely bred an asset as we can pray for amid the Chinese scene, axisONE unites this spirited outing with a simple yet stylish induction into the harder facets of Electronic Dance Music.

Sulocki – Nit Nit (axisONE Remix) [We Recommend Records] – Beatport Link

Sulocki – Nit Nit (axisONE Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

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