Few have championed the Swedish House explosion with as much momentous achievement as longstanding legend Eric Prydz. Forging his legacy well before his genres untimely renaissance, his various musical guises have made for an overtly fuller package of floor-fuelling divinity, while his Pryda and Mouseville imprints have fostered a new generation of Progressive House supremacy alongside his own distinct offerings. Be it early Floyd rendition ‘Proper Education’ or 2011’s groundbreaking ‘Niton (The Reason), where the country’s electronic legacy is now associated with three particular producers, Eric Prydz has proven one its single most vital elements from the outset and having backed up this legacy with enigmatic performances across the globe, his reign is all too familiar on a universal scale.

After a new signing with Virgin Records in December of last year and with the launch party set to take place at Ministry Of Sound in London on April 14th, we can now happily reveal not only the release date, but also the tracklisting for Eric Prydz’ highly anticipated tiple CD debut album. Due for release on May 21st 2012 via Virgin, the album will focus on his globally acclaimed Pryda moniker and the first disc’s 13 unreleased Pryda tracks, including such sought-after productions as ‘Agag’, ‘Mighty Love’, ‘Allein’ and more. Flashing back on the legacy of a true Electronic Dance Music legend, the album will also feature a Retrospective Mix, divided to make up the 2nd and 3rd disc.

That being said, this triple CD compilation album made in celebration of his Pryda alias will merely play the role as a teaser for the full-length artist album that is due out later this year.

The album will be released on May 21st 2012 via EMI Music/Virgin Records.

Buy tickets to the launch party by scrolling down to April 14th on this page.


Album teaser


Disc 1:

01. Shadows
02. Agag
03. Beyond 8
04. Javlar
05. Sunburst
06. Hardrock Lausanne
07. You
08. SW4
09. Leja
10. Mighty Love
11. Allein
12. You Interlude
13. Pjanoo (Eric’s Intro Edit)

Disc 2 – Retrospective Mix Part 1:

01. Lesson One
02. Miami To Atlanta
03. Genesis
04. Rakfunk
05. Europa
06. Aftermath (Eric Prydz Edit)
07. Frankfurt
08. Armed
09. Reeperbahn
10. Muranyi
11. Paolo Mojo – 1983 (Eric Prydz Remix)
12. The Gift

Disc 3
 – Retrospective Mix Part 2:

01. The End
02. Rymd
03. Waves
04. Emos
05. VIRO (Eric Prydz Intro Edit)
06. Glimma
07. Juletider
08. With Me
09. 2Night
10. Melo (Eric Prydz Special Edit)
11. M.S.B.O.Y
12. Mirage

Mighty Love



/Anton & Dan Carter

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  • So happy right now :D

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    sorry just feelings taking over :D

  • Amazing!

  • Best news in months, years, lifetimes ! So happy right now!!! Awwwww yeaah!

  • This is just fucking AWESOME!

  • is the ‘bootshaus id’ on the album? if it is, whats the tracks name?


  • siiiiickkkkk

  • And i jizzed in my pants

  • As philipp stated. If the boothaus id is in there, it Will be sick & this is a obvious buy.

  • I will buy this. Hoping for ‘Miami To Atlanta’ remode!

  • @Projda @philipp don’t think the ”boothaus id” will be on this album since that track has more of a Eric Prydz-sound and this will probably be pure Pryda.
    Might be on the album that comes out later though.
    With that said; this is going to be awesome! Can’t wait for release!

  • @J

    Okay, didnt read the whole article so had no idea he would release another one later on!

  • snyggt..

  • So this 3 CD wonderment is not gonna be the full lenght artist album?? MY GODD!!! :D

  • haha ”javlar”

  • Någon som vet något om denna?


  • haHAhahaHAhaha, boothaus id är så stört jävla fet. köpa båda albumen dirr? aa

  • @J Thanks, i’m looking forward the next album ;)
    @ m.h.: just like j said its propably going to be released on the next prydz album

  • TÅRAR =D

  • pryllan kissar motståndet i ansiktet!!!! :D :D

  • The mighty unreleased Agag will finally be released!


  • Detta är så stort

  • This will be the Best Album Ever ! AWESOME ! AMAZING !

  • Skulle vara ballt om han hade droppat albumet den 20e Mars (igår) för då hade han istället kunnat skriva:


    (Dvs 2005 – 2012, hehe eftersom albumet har väl legat och tryckt sedan 2005?)

  • well, damn

  • DAMN


  • @M
    20.05 är väl 20 maj inte mars? :D

  • I hope this one is on the Album! So sick one!


  • Kommer han släppa ”Latitude” som den kallas på youtube? Eller Berns ID? Fy fan va ja har väntat på den

  • David: Det har aldrig funnits en Pryda låt som heter ‘Latitude’. Har kallats den av fans och det är mycket möjligt att det är någon av de okända låtarna på disc 1. Vi kommer uppdatera er så fort det finns samples för de låtarna :)

  • BootshausID better be released on this album.

  • This is AMAZING!!!

  • This is AMAZING!!!

  • what a producer, cant fookin wait, 3 days:D

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