Fresh French triple-threat Nick Waters, David Hopperman and Automann join the ranks of Afrojack’s Wall Recordings for enigmatic debut EP Kind of Trashy. Leading with ultimate force with the chugging title track, its infectious vocal assets and momentous peak time energy make for a definitive first impression on the previously Dutch-dominated label. With steadfast rhythmic grandeur and impressive lead play throughout, ‘Kind of Trashy’ certainly sets the bar to an all time high for the newfound French ensemble. Following with a more typical outing of Dutch hallmarks than its predecessor, ‘Make Up Your Mind’ is a solid rising outing of distorted melodic leads and tangible Electro stylings that compliments the trio’s accession to the ranks of this esteemed Spinnin offshoot for 2012.

The ‘Kind Of Trashy’ EP will be released on April 2nd via Wall Recordings.

‘Kind Of Trashy’

‘Make Up Your Mind’

Words by Dan Carter

4 Comments to “Preview: David Hopperman, Nick Waters, Automann – Kind Of Trashy EP”

  • liking kind of trashy

  • Make up your mind had the potential of becoming huge with that first melody, and then they insert that crappy drop.. kind of trashy is quite cool though

  • Usually I hate everything released on Wall . . This is no different.

  • mix/mastering is awful

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