Amid the strong resurgence of fine club cuts currently associated with America’s new-found adoration for Dance music, young blooded Electro warrior Porter Robinson has proven an unshakably popular dictator to his genre. Having remained somewhat quiet since last year’s groundbreaking Spitfire EP for Skrillex’s OSWLA imprint, the 19-year-old American producer breaks his silence with the utmost style for Electronic entrepreneurs Big Beat. Blending divine melodic progressions with clear-cut Electro stylings, Robinson is still not shy to throwing the odd low-end wobble into the equation. Nevertheless, ‘Language’ borders on the euphoric and with a momentous top line taking the track forward with impressive pace, his Ministry of Sound debut proves to be one of his most memorable and original outings to date.

‘Language’ will be released on April 10th via Big Beat Records.

Update: Official sample added

Words by Dan Carter

12 Comments to “Preview: Porter Robinson – Language [Big Beat]”

  • Ghostprodd ->Chris Reece……..

  • ghost produced or not, this is fucking good!

  • @Oracle : How do you know ?

  • He’s such a talent, massive!

  • @Oracle: do you think Reece ghost produced it because it sounds like Dinka? Or do you have hard evidence?

  • [...] I’m not a big fan of posting previews of songs, but I’m willing to make an exception in this case.  Porter Robinson is easily in my top 10 favorite artists at the moment, because of his penchant for creating some of the best melodic, uplifting, electro-house out there.  ‘Language’ will be released on April 10th via Ministry Of Sound Recordings.  via – bmd [...]

  • have been loving this guy since he released say my name and he just keeps getting better!

  • I know that he produces, EDX, Dinka, Portman, Jerome Isma…

  • And Tanja La Croix ……

  • @Oracle
    That’s some good sources you provided there.

    Whoever produced this (Porter Robinson until proven otherwise) is fucking talented.

  • @Oracle: yea that’s no secret but Porter Robinson? any sources?

  • It’s not ghost-produced. Don’t spread rumors dude.

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