Since stumbling upon the support of esteemed Dutch peer and label mate Afrojack back in 2010, sisterly duo Nervo have certainly given their genre a womanly touch of superior measures. In a familiar dose of their quirky Progressive stylings, Liv and Mim pick up where ‘We’re All No One’ left off and dive straight back into their ongoing quest to perfect the melodic vocal anthem. Showing steady signs of hitting the equation perfectly, this solid lead based outing of sound transitional qualities and their signature top line shenanigans, Electronic Dance Music’s leading ladies are well and truly out to shape 2012 as the year they take their well-rounded club stylings to the masses. Set to take the stage alongside David Guetta on his sold out UK tour and with further global exploits set throughout the summer, their quest for global domination may not be all that impossible after all.

Words by Dan Carter

10 Comments to “Live Preview: Hook N Sling & Nervo – Reason”

  • sooo massive, but sounds like afrojack :D

  • and the higher lead stabs sound like Avicii’s. who care ? it’s dope !

  • Sounds like crap. Just because you’re copying the mainstream style doesn’t mean your music sounds good or inovative…

  • the sound is shit, and also the music

  • sounds like afrojack? mhm let me see, oh they actually wrote songs for afrojack! thats why ;-)

    love the song! so much better then their last ones! this is their best one yet! cant wait for release!

  • this one will work..
    not my cup of tea but it sounds nice from them.

  • Fett! skönare, fetare och mer ”melodisk” dirty dutch ljud ! me likey

  • HUGE ! realy like it :)

  • It’s apparently Hook’N'Sling & Nervo – Reason :)
    Said by Hook’N'Sling on twitter/facebook !

    It’s a nice tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune <3

  • When is this gonna be released? Cant fuckin waaaaaiiiittttttttttttttt!

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