After a brief stint of silence from Sweden’s hottest stadium-filling export Avicii, Pete Tong premiered a new studio endeavour amid his Essential Selection from the chart-raking producer of affirmative melodic persuasions. Not quite hitting in on the epic properties we have come to associate with this Swedish superstar, ‘Last Dance’ is as solid of an inaugural release for 2012 as the world could have hoped for. Leading a whistle-based top line through an affirmative dose of upfront keys and solid drums for Warner Music, Bergling remains as potently tied to his advanced melodic stylings as ever. While his previous exploits were always going to be a tough act to follow, ‘Last Dance’ is a promising indicator that the new material has finally started flowing for this Swede.

‘Last Dance’ is released soon via Warner Music.

Update (22/8): A preview of the vocal version is now available, as premiered on Swedish radio channel P3.

Words by Dan Carter

50 Comments to “Preview: Avicii feat. Andreas Moe – Last Dance [Warner]”

  • oh my god…so dissapointed with this…he should better release his older IDs before he is dropping that kind of shit :( !

  • So here’s another piano-driften boring Avicii record.

  • this is SHIT. I absolutely agree with Alex

  • Awful, his time is over!

  • Could be the worst Avicii song ever made..

  • Not that this is a current favourite of mine, but something to keep in mind would be that this is a very old Avicii track that was signed to Warner a long time ago. Seems more like just living up to the terms of a contract.

  • Any info on ASH – Let Me Show You Love (ASH & Avicii ‘Hype Machine’ Mix).

    Release date or something?

  • What’s with all the hate? Let avicii do what he does, make music. If you don’t like the track then don’t buy it.

  • Linus: No release date yet but it’s coming soon. Next up from his corner (out of the fairly new Avicii tracks) is allegedly ‘Silhouettes’ with vocals from Salem Al Fakir.

  • How can you like this shit? Sounds like a fucking amateur to me

  • Pretty sure Avicii himself also thinks this is shit since he doesn’t even play it out.. I blame Warner for deciding to release this. But oh well, it’s all about the money for labels these days, isn’t it? It’s no surprise an Avicii record sells.

  • worst avicii song i heard

  • nothing specialllll no build up

  • I like it, but it’s not something special.

  • Sounds like the whistle sample from his track Street Dancer though he has cutted it

  • anton, är du säker på att han släpper den med salems vokal? För avicii har ju spelat silhouettes med en tjejs vocal?

  • Carl strid: 100% säker. Har aldrig funnits en tjej-vokal till Silhouettes men däremot låter den nya vokal mixen som även den är gjord av Salem Al Fakir lite tjej-aktig. ‘Silhouettes’ vocal + instrumental släpps snart på Le7els.

  • Good melody. But please, take away the whistles…

    the whistle sound ruins it though…. why man????

  • By no means has Avicii ”Jumped the Shark” with this track, …far from over,

    Liked, not loved, making my day though.

  • Hope he makes lots of edits with this before he release it…

  • First, there was Street Dance, then Street Dancer and now Last Dance, does anyone see a pattern here? ;) it seems as this will be the last half hearted release out from avicii if that is a pattern, which im quite sure it is considering how sneaky at night usually is titling stuff :)

  • without the whistles it would be ok.

  • What are u guys talking about? its a great track

  • Jag får känslan av att många inte gillar aviciis för dom bestämt sig innan för att inte gilla dom, det har ju gått lite ”för bra” för killen. Visst att många av musiknördarna som proddar själva kommer säga att den är dåligt gjord, ingen fantasi och låtar som alla andra hans låtar. Men hans stil är ju vinnande koncept… ”normalt” folk vill ofta känna igen sinna artister och kunna tralla med (oftast tjejer :p). Dansar tjejerna. dansar killarna. Själv tycker jag låten är rätt bra. Kommer nog funka ute, vissel grejjen är väl för att man ska skilja den från hans andra låtar :)

  • Hur många osläppta låtar ligger han inne med nu? helvete vad han drar ut på o rella!!!

  • Ännu några osläppta från denna video:
    Har för mig att Tim och Ash pratade om en vocal mix till Nothing Without You på le7els för några månader sen. Men det var väl även ett tag sen han ens spelade den instrumentella – kommer den släppas? Någon info om Derezzed vocal mix?
    För övrigt från At Night vore det trevligt med ASH – PAPA också..


    Live preview på den kanske?

  • Is this ”Last Dance” or it’s the track he previewed at UMF right after ”Girl Gone Wild (Avicii’s Remix)”?

  • MJ2332: This is ‘Last Dance’. The ID remix of Lenny Kravitz ‘Superlove’ Avicii played yesterday doesn’t sound anything like this.

  • Anton: Yep, I heard the differences XD I was just wondering for which of them the title is right, since they’re both presented as ”Avicii-Last Dance”.

  • WOW… What a great classic Avicii. BMD tell us when this track will be finally released…

  • [...] the second halfhour of Decked Out #17. Track wise, it includes the likes of Avicii’s ‘Last Dance‘, the Bauer & Lanford remix of Adrian Lux’s ‘Weekend Heroes‘, Chris [...]

  • [...] the second halfhour of Decked Out #17. Track wise, it includes the likes of Avicii’s ‘Last Dance‘, the Bauer & Lanford remix of Adrian Lux’s ‘Weekend Heroes‘, Chris [...]


  • It’s not about hating avicii…I don’t hate him…but it is worth noting that he’s gone so ridiculously down hill the past year that this is just another step in that direction. And im not hating, just disappointed compared to what once was.

  • Man, that whistle is brutal.

  • Sorligt vad dåligt det låter … AVICII VAD GÖR DU?!

  • are u guys crazy, u compare to one of the best djs and producers around the globe, that his music is shit, try to get so famous like avicii, then u can judge about him. this track rockZ!!

  • these vocals are horrible. lol

  • The Vocals are aweful and the melodie is nothing special too, big dissapointment…

  • HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA avicii ta och skärp dig! Och Andreas Moe är jag också besviken, hans sång är inte 100% känner jag. Angående visslingen – Avicii, you’ve lost my respect for now.

  • Worst shit i’ve ever heard.

  • I dont like avicii at the moment, but hating on him cus of this track is wrong. He produced this a long time ago, and warner decided to release it now cus they could make money.

    And btw, even tho its a dancepiano2k7 track, its so much better than his recent releases…
    Hating Avicii is like hating Guetta 2011. Sure, i dont like his tracks at all, but this one is actually OK!

  • Nice track, but horrible WHISTLE!!!

  • Slik: Nope. The release is delayed according to Warner.

  • come baaaaaaaaaack avicii plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Instrumental is great, Vocal is crap, no need for this Version to be released imo

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