As the trend of triple-threat collaborations continues to engulf 2012, three titans of Europe’s Electronic Dance Music elite unite for an overbearing clash of musical personalities. Fresh of the mark from affirmative releases for his Mixmash imprint, Laidback Luke is joined by Dutch House titan Chuckie and mainstream French forbearer Martin Solveig for the powerful collective cut ‘1234’.

Given a test-drive during Laidback Luke’s performance on the main stage at this year’s Ultra Music Festival, ‘1234’ amalgamates the best of these club minded titans into a dark and grinding endeavour of considerably high merit. While the double-Dutch influence reigns ultimately supreme amid the tracks high-end synth progressions, Solveig’s stern studio temperament makes for a solid basis to suggest that once again, three is the magic number as far as tectonic club gems are concerned.

‘1234′ will be released on May 7th via Mixmash Records

Laidback Luke feat. Chuckie & Martin Solveig – 1234

Update: Official audio added

Words by Dan Carter

16 Comments to “Preview: Laidback Luke feat. Chuckie & Martin Solveig – 1234 [Mixmash]”

  • Chuckie är så jävla töntig

  • love it ! so much power in the track

  • Woooooow ! IS AWESOME !!! :D

  • Första droppet var helt jävla sjukt, men kändes som att låten bara blev dåligare och dåligare efter det första droppet.. :/

  • Chuckie e ju kung!

  • tough transition at the end but the track is pretty good !

  • This track is fucking sick. Anyone who disagrees can suck it.

  • fet som fan. haha diggar chuckies MCing :)

  • Great tune

  • I wonder what part of this Solveig did.

  • Probably the best part, 2.25-2.55. Great melody and good vibe. Why is chuckie playing “allan” as we say in Sweden?? Get down from there you lame ass dutch.

  • @Johnnn
    This song wouldn’t have so much energy without Chuckie MC’ing. So what you’re saying is completely bullshit, lame ass Swede.

  • @Stefan

    Haha Lame ass comment. If you wanna hear the songs along with some dude screaming bullshit comments thats fine for me. Personally I wanna hear the song and maybe some nice vocals. Not some guy screaming “new shit new shit”…Lame ass Stefan

  • I’m a bit confused with a part of the write-up on this. You guys said that it “won’t be a vital club gem this year.” And why is that? I disagree.. this track is, in my book, a massive club banger. There’s so much energy in this

  • Pierce: Supposed to say “will”, thanks for the heads-up.

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